Jeff Carreira

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I am very grateful to work as a mystical philosopher and spiritual guide. I’ve written 16 books including three novels. All of my books allow me to share the fruits of my own spiritual search and study. Through my work, I support people to live spiritually inspired lives that are free from the limiting constraints of fear, worry and self-doubt, and that are aligned with their own deepest sense of meaning and purpose.

I feel compelled to write fiction because I believe that stories can change reality and the reason I believe that, is because a great deal of what we consider to be real are just stories that we believe. Our current experience of being human is just one possibility. If we are willing to suspend our disbelief we will discover possibilities for human existence beyond what we can imagine.

For many years, as a teacher of meditation and spiritual awakening, I’ve wanted to serve people by opening them to radically new possibilities. The fiction I write is simply an extension of that aim. I want my novels to be fun to read and entertaining. I also want them to be educational and transformative. But most of all, I want people to finish a novel, put it down and feel that the world they live in after reading, is bigger, more mysterious and more wonderful than it was before.

The stories I write challenge our fundamental notions about what is real by presenting characters who find themselves having experiences, or landing in circumstances, that force them to question everything they ever thought. What they invariably discover is that reality is much different than they had any idea about.