Resurrection Rose Book 2 The Maters Series by V.M. Franck

Unbeknownst to Bethanie, a portrait artist, she paints people back to life. Dismayed and alarmed, attempting to make sense of her talent, Bethanie runs into her former lover, Gabe, a man working on a project to clean the trash (islands of flotsam) out of the ocean in hopes of extending life on the planet. Risking further heartache she resurrects their once forbidden love…along with his deceased grandfather. She and Gabe catch Gramps fooling around with Lottie, who happens to be one of Bethanie’s relatives-one of Tater’s Maters from Book 1 in the Maters’ Series. Tackling the resulting fiascos, she is propelled into a world peopled with nosy, old dead women (Tater’s Maters) who are on a mission to help her whether she likes it or not.