The Heretic by Allysha Lavino

Research and inspiration come together in this spellbinding spiritual adventure through history and mystery. Allysha Lavino takes us on a magical journey into the hidden histories of France and the real life secrets buried in code through the ages. This enchanting visionary fiction epic invites us to step into the story and discover how the wisdom of our ancestors could change the modern world forever.

A secret was hidden in the Languedoc of France, but this ancient wisdom has always been a deadly heresy. Cultural anthropologist Lily Ann Harper is on a quest for facts when mysterious Sir Anthony Leclair invites her to Rennes-le-Château, where she is unwittingly thrust back through history. Forced to confront her greatest fears, Lily awakens to a mystical power buried deep inside. Face to face with an age-old enemy, she must choose—embrace the magic of the ancestors and find her place in the Pattern … or lose Everything.

Did you Choose the life you are living? Do YOU have the courage to follow your heart … to Choose a life that you Love?