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Evolution in Consciousness DOES Make a Difference

An excerpt for From Atlantis to the Sphinx by Colin Wilson that explains why left-brain development, painful as it might seem at times, has enhanced rather than detracted from the simpler right-brained focus of our ancestors. A valuable differentiation for the VF author to keep in mind: We can be sure that our ancestors of […]

Introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction Part 2 – Gordon Kierle-Smith

In the first article introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction two weeks ago, we briefly presented the multiple facets of Meta-Visionary Fiction and how its precepts were initially applied in Genesis Antarctica (GA) and now fully developed in Revelation Antarctica (RA). The concept behind the genre is to create works that are “as real as you need them […]

Rosa Mundi by Gerald R. Stanek (Excerpt)

PROLOGUE Sunlight beamed in through the window, illuminating a slowly drifting universe of dust specks that otherwise would have remained entirely invisible. Margarethe watched them pass, these tiny motes and mites. Most were falling, to be ground indistinguishably into the dirt floor, but some were carried upward through the light and beyond. Margarethe thought how […]

The Fringe Candidate by W. Bradford Swift (Excerpt)

An Excerpt from The Fringe Candidate Part One – The Gathering StormPrologue Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor and an appreciation of irony? Why else would She have arranged for the Saturday before Election Day 2020 to be Halloween? Of all elections, why this one? It was a warm, sunny day in […]