Music of Sacred Lakes by Laura K. Cowan

“A beautiful and striking portrait of a man who comes to the end of himself before experiencing a rare grace that resurrects him to his place in the world. This emotional story hums with truth and hope.” —Erin Healy, bestselling author of House of Mercy and Stranger Things

A story about reconnecting with the source of your life and your joy, Music of Sacred Lakes gives voice to the spirit of the land and lakes that gave birth to us all. With this second and astonishingly sophisticated novel, Dreaming Novelist Laura K. Cowan cements her reputation as one of the most imaginative new American Fabulists, a writer of spiritually-oriented magical realism, literary fantasy, and visionary fiction in the line of Alice Hoffman, Ursula K. Le Guin, or Paulo Coelho, but characterized by an electric mix of lyrical language, an evocative sense of place, and quick-moving narrative that harkens back to a time when literary fiction was served up raw and ghost stories weren’t told for their sad and scary parts.