The Lioness of Brumley Hall: And Her Most Unusual Grandchildren (Urwelt Chronicles) Author: Augusta Pearson Benners

The Lioness of Brumley Hall is the first book in the Urwelt Chronicles series, a fantasy fairy tale adventure series for kids and adults about magic, discernment and courage with a strong female and male lead. Written for 5th and 6th graders, it is also an enjoyable read for parents and grandparents. It’s packed with generational references and humor, witty wordplay and enough adventure for all (way too much, as Gran would say), as well as parenting tips for raising magical children and grandchildren. Let the faery folk and grandchildren of Brumley Hall entrance you with their magic and music only found in the unique world of Brumley Hall and the surrounding faery kingdom (or queendom, if you prefer) of Urwelt.