The Awakening: Rebirth of Atlantis by Jodine Turner

The Goddess of the Stars and the Sea is awakened from Her dreamtime with the knowing that a change for humankind approaches. The final days of Atlantis are marked by deceit, lust, and greed. The once vibrant culture, blessed with advanced knowledge bestowed upon it by a race of star beings, now suffers with a corrupt governing body and a degenerate priesthood. The Goddess intervenes to assist humanity and calls upon the young priestess, Geodran, to be Her helper. Geodran struggles to fulfill a destiny larger than her own personal desires, a destiny bestowed upon her by her mother, the High Priestess Jaquine. In a moment of maternal desperation, Jaquine had promised her unborn child, Geodran, to the Goddess, in return for the baby’s safe birth, thus sealing her daughter’s fate. Geodrans’ journey is a heroic quest to bring forth the next era of human civilization. The Awakening is the first in the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea trilogy.