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No More Band Aids: A Visionary Fiction Author’s Rant – Jodine Turner

“Life feels shitty right now. Life is leading us to a new and better way of living. I hate not seeing loved ones. I am so grateful for what I do have. I miss (fill in the blank).”

I started out this era of Covid feeling concerned, yet calm, philosophical, better future oriented. I still feel that way.

Introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction Part 2 – Gordon Kierle-Smith

In the first article introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction two weeks ago, we briefly presented the multiple facets of Meta-Visionary Fiction and how its precepts were initially applied in Genesis Antarctica (GA) and now fully developed in Revelation Antarctica (RA). The concept behind the genre is to create works that are “as real as you need them […]

Introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction Part 1 – Gordon Kierle-Smith

As authors of Visionary Fiction, we all have our own take on the genre and how we go about enriching it with our own particular approach. However, all of these share a common purpose to go beyond mere “entertainment” and its various mind-numbing manifestations. This is writing with a purpose, designed to expand readers’ consciousness […]

Fairy Tales, Memoirs, and Other Appalachian Mysteries – Guest Post – Grendolyn Peach Soleil

Fairy tales and memoirs share some common elements. They can develop reflective narratives for understanding the world we live in. They can explore the good and evil aspects of ourselves and others. Fairy tales and memoirs can express common emotions and universal experiences, and they can impart wisdom and deliver important messages. Both fairy tales […]