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I first felt compelled to write a book in 2002. It was originally conceived to be a memoir. That felt overwhelming. Writing seemed slow and laborious; frightened, I couldn’t begin. I’d identified as an architect and urban designer for decades. Drawings were my primary mode of communication. A professional editor suggested I write fiction. She knew I loved storytelling. Expanding my creative endeavors always inspires me. Tenacity is one of my strong suits, so I called on it and surrendered to my new mistress, writing.

I enrolled in a short story writing class at Santa Fe Community College. One semester turned into three years, over which time the members of our small group became close. We learned from and supported one another.

After that, I practiced chunking down my writing into even smaller pieces. With a self-imposed 800-word cap, I wrote stories about what I’d learned from my travels, trials, and triumphs. Publishing two stories each month for a year on my blog, bluespacecreations.com, my writing confidence grew and I established a modest international following.

Next, I capitalized on this momentum by establishing a guiding concept. Like I’d done as an architect designing buildings, the concept for my story would be a yardstick by which to measure the consistency and efficacy of each detail. Hoping to inspire readers, I created a central character who lived out true stories from my life and embedded him into a fictional context. As I had, he was facing a life or death crisis. My story’s primary theme: Why has my life been like it has, and where is my life headed? The central character’s dilemma would resolve surprisingly. I’d put the lead character through a shamanic-like initiation, during which he’d be transformed and he’d have earned the right to visit New Earth. I’d imagined it as a State of Being where all human endeavors are rooted in the Unity of All That Is. I’d merge my writing skills with my visionary imagination, my studies in Systems Thinking and Universal Principles, and my grounded expertise in architecture and urban design.

But a feeling like something was still missing nagged at me.

I longed to connect with readers on a Soulful level. To accomplish that, I had to know my own Soul intimately. I came to know a wizened, but non-pious teacher; a sometimes irreverent character identified as Domini, a real taskmaster with a delightfully devilish sense of humor.

Getting to know Domini advanced my Self-Awareness and led me to rethink my identity.

My True Identity

Domini taught me to identify myself as my Soul’s Essence, a tender and compassionate being. As this new identity took root in all my cells, I began seeing each moment of my life as an integral link in the continuum that is my eternal Soul. I realized why this life has been wrought with challenges. I’m resolving many lifetimes of karmic debt, preparing me to play a role in a global uplifting of human Self-Awareness. A new sense of wholeness came over me. Clarity about my life’s new direction and purpose came into view. Having a relationship with my non-physical Self (my Soul), has made my human experiences richer, outward reflections of my Soul’s abiding love. I felt at one with Domini and began relating to others Soul to Soul.

I gave Domini permission to dissolve the illusions of my separateness. This broke open the protective shield I’d constructed around my heart. I found sufficient calm in the creative storm of writing to share with readers the intimate details of my life story.

Domini Introduced Me To A Cosmology

Our Souls prepare a blueprint containing built-in flexibility and hold unconditional loving acceptance for each human lifetime. Toward the end of our prenatal period, our Soul extends Its light carrying this blueprint into our fetal form. Souls and their physical manifestations as humans are one being. During our lives on Earth, we participate in the Free Will Experiment. While in human form, our Souls experiment with and gain wisdom from distinguishing between creating experiences from two distinct choices. Our Souls expand from our choices to align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with either:

the illusions of ego’s separateness OR our Soul’s memory of our Unity with All that Is

Experimentation during the epoch of our separateness has led to myriad degradations of Self and our planet. Souls incarnating on Earth have chosen this time in the evolution of the human collective to accelerate our recollection of Unity. During this shift, illusions of our separateness will likely be extreme as our separation yields to the memory of our Unity.

Employing an analogy from human art history, Domini explained to me that similar to the Renaissance that followed the Middle Ages, a second world-wide Renaissance is currently gathering momentum. Humanity is being led out of the darkness of ego’s separations into the Light of our Unity with All That Is. As we allow our Souls to be our true guides, Mother Earth, her sub-systems, and her atmosphere are restored organically as reflections of our Light. Similarly, all human social and physical systems are redesigned as reflections of our common-Unity. These new systems mimic the interdependency of Earth’s biological models. New Earth dwellers know there is a Single Source for all things to which they are linked and have direct access. No intermediaries like priests and money are required. There is no need to compete for resources because here, everything belongs to everybody.

Domini taught me to extend my authentic Essence into all my creative endeavors and relationships. I became less inhibited about revealing my heart and Soul through writing.

My Writing Process

Now, when I sit to write, I first tune into Domini’s frequency. It is like tuning the dial into my favorite radio station. When I’ve dialed into Domini’s frequency, I write down the words that flow through my brain to share my stories.

Grounded in life experiences and fully engaged in an intimate co-creative relationship with Domini, I felt whole, yet empty, and pregnant with creative zeal. By the time I’d conceived, written, and had my manuscript edited, sixteen years had passed. It felt like perfect timing. I was about to turn sixty-nine. After investigations, I determined the self-publishing route to be best for me. I interviewed six companies, finally selecting iUniverse. They became my professional guides and creative collaborators.

Next Steps

The wisdom I’ve gained from Domini is making my Road ahead fluidly dynamic as long as my Free Will is aligned with Domini’s guidance.

I’m beginning to hear Domini’s call for me to write more books about my travels and the incredible State of Being I’ve come to call New Earth.

About the author

Albert Moore is the author of Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. Al resides in Richmond, Virginia. Through in-person and online consultations, he facilitates the course, Adventures In Self-Mastery, designed to diminish ego’s voice of limitation to hear the voice of our Soul’s expansiveness.

Website: bluespacecreations.com

Contact: albertcmoore@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Writing From My Soul To Yours – Albert C Moore

  1. Margaret Duarte says:

    I believe a common thread runs through visionary authors and their “visionary imagination,” a yearning, as you so eloquently put it, “to connect with readers on a Soulful level” and “play a role in a global uplifting of human Self-Awareness.” In the process of writing, we (via our characters) often “break open the protective shields” we have constructed around our hearts and are transformed. Thanks for your contribution to VFA, Albert.

  2. Victor Smith says:

    Hello Al–
    Thank you for this wonderful post and to what sounds like an amazing book. I laughed with recognition of the model VFA hero in your description: “I came to know a wizened, but non-pious teacher; a sometimes irreverent character identified as Domini, a real taskmaster with a delightfully devilish sense of humor.” I also enjoyed reading of your journey from one life role to another. It resonates as I’ve done the same thing, several times, but am now happily settled into the writer’s life.
    (PS I am aware that there are not many comments here. Know that your piece deserves them, and I hope there will be more to come.)


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