Spirited Away

Awakening Alchemy is the over-arching theme of my blog series, which is one of the visionary concepts I’ll talk about a little later. As for Spirit of Prophecy, it’s a metaphysical and visionary crime mystery featuring Rosetta Barrett from the Psychic CID, who works undercover for the Elite Paranormal Intelligence Services [EPIS], but perhaps the real star is Espiritus the reincarnating, painted, Apache pony. By way of background suffice it to say I’m passionate about horses. I used to compete in affiliated show-jumping and along the way I have encountered a number of reincarnated ponies, and other awesome pets.

As an author I’m so delighted to have connected with the Visionary Fiction Alliance – how awesome after travelling for so long and so far, to have finally found a home of like-minded souls! Not to mention a Cinderella-slipper-fit category for my novel Spirit of Prophecy, which for a while there pretty much defied description, let alone genre. Some of you may still feel it defies description, beggar’s belief, or whatever else. But the good news guys, since you’re reading this, is that you’re probably firmly in the happening zone and you’re not alone, as this is a growing tribe of those Awakening.

Spirit was initially a novel born before its time. Literary agents said take out the spiritual/metaphysical stuff, so it’s a horsey romance; readers love those and we’ll take it. I wrestled with this option but decided – “No can do, without the core themes and message, what’s left is just padding.” So, I waited a while. Plus, as a would-be author I always had this dread of being confined to a tight formula and handcuffed to churn out more of the same – #hit-repeat.

Native American Horse

At heart like Espiritus, I’m a wild mustang I guess, destined to follow the spirit of the wind wherever it blows and run free. I opted for the Indie publishing route for similar reasons. However I did run up against a low-hanging branch or two when it came to picking categories [or genres in Amazon Land] and trying to identify similar novels – oh, boy was I stuck, as it contains unique, original and multi-layered themes. Luckily, or not, as one reviewer has pointed out, it “tries to be at least four different books at the same time.”

What makes it Visionary? Aside from the inescapable fact that even wild horses need a corral to rest and find refuge on their epic journey occasionally? Well, parts of Spirit were channelled after a past-life, regression session, whilst I was on a cruise ship. Until then, UFOs and ETs were definitely not my scene at all – but they just kind of arrived unannounced. This was in keeping with my being open minded [as opposed to door-slamming scepticism] about supernormal abilities, and my sixth sense abilities increasingly being rediscovered; as well as a desirability of compassion towards others and overcoming separatism – particularly as it applied to religious tolerance.


While writing a scene in which the ETs of my novel are sucked into a time portal at the underground EPIS HQ in Dulce, I explored the theory of Panspermia, the theory that the primeval molecules from which life evolved on Earth had been transported from elsewhere in the Universe. I’m hopeful about a closer alignment between science and spirituality, as I discussed in my podcast interview podcast interview with Brig Klyce, about Cosmic Ancestry which is an updated version of Panspermia.

Crime, as the framework, was a great opportunity to look at cause and effect and how karma ripples out through wrinkles in time. Of course, if all the karma can be cleared up and crime predicted and prevented, then how much better would this version of humanity be for all sentient beings? Ultimately the central vision underlying this work relates to the future challenges ahead with the expectation that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will pose the biggest existential threat, and the idea that humanity will pull together, with the help of the friendly ETs, to help keep the bots in check.


Anyway, I predict that Metaphysical and Visionary will be the big thing in the world of fiction. Right now, I’ve got to dash and book up for a crop circle conference and field trip in Wiltshire, UK – boy am I hoping for some inspiration for the sequel – channelling is way easier than the old keyboard workout, by the way. Meanwhile Earth to Sirius – come in, anyone copy?

Thank you for taking this short gallop past the post with Espiritus and me. Your interest is greatly appreciated, and once again thanks a thousand-fold to the Visionary Fiction Alliance for this platform and all their great work.

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Please also do feel free to check out the incredible trailer for the Spirit of Prophecy novel.

J.J. Hughes


4 thoughts on “Spirited Away

  1. margaretduarte says:

    I love your trailer, J.J. Your experience with agents telling you to take the spiritual/metaphysical stuff out of your novel is familiar to me and likely to most VF authors that call VFA their home. Like you, we decided that the option of gutting the core theme and message from our work wasn’t an option at all, and decided to go Indie–low branches and all. I agree that visionary fiction’s time has come and has the possibility of becoming a big thing in the future, one of the key missions of VFA.

  2. Victor Smith says:

    Stimulating stuff, JJ. Sounds like you are taking VF to places it’s never been before. (I had to look up what a Passion Test was–not as risque as it sounds.) Welcome to the VFA and I look forward to hearing more from you.


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