No More Band Aids: A Visionary Fiction Author’s Rant – Jodine Turner

(Warning: the good, the bad, and the ugly)

Life feels shitty right now. Life is leading us to a new and better way of living. I hate not seeing loved ones. I am so grateful for what I do have. I miss (fill in the blank).”

I started out this era of Covid feeling concerned, yet calm, philosophical, better future oriented. I still feel that way.

Then the wildfires started here in California. Terrifying destruction. Anxious evacuations. Two friends’ homes burnt to the ground. Orange, smoky skies, and unhealthy air accompanied by extreme heat waves with temperatures up to 120 degrees. Electrical rolling blackouts to save power. Followed by the pre-planned blackouts, days long blackouts, instigated to protect us when wind and temperature make conditions favorable for more wildfires. These record-breaking raging infernos are the offspring of global warming.

When we got the call yesterday for the electrical outage possibilities in our area I crumbled. Cried. It pushed my mettle. What happens to my expensive refrigerated medicine? What happens to those who suffer with illnesses that over-whelming heat would exacerbate? Like me. Or my neighbor. Or the elderly folks from my Unity community.

All of this atop the usual everyday stressors in our personal lives we all face. Mix in the political chaos, the social unrest, the exposed injustices of our world.

So, the thoughts and feelings I expressed at the opening of my post teeter between acute stress and far vision, between over-whelming anxiety and transpersonal perspective. Between destruction and regeneration. This is normal and common for most everyone nowadays in the era of Covid.


If you’re thinking I’m painting a picture of doom and gloom, I am. If you’re thinking I am focusing on negative thoughts – well, that is only a superficial and not helpful platitude.

We ARE in the phase of destruction. We are in the midst of deaths large and small. It is hellish. And it is a herald. Big changes are coming.

It is time to rip off the band-aids. No more surface healing. It is time for surgery. Heart surgery, gut surgery, psychic surgery, the type of surgery that roots out the underbelly evils. This is the time for exposing, questioning, introspection, contemplation, seeing what we truly want to be real, and healing at the deepest, most secret, most hidden possible levels.

In the place of what does not serve us, what does not serve love, it is time to plant kindness, and hope. And most of all love.

It is time to embody this love, to take it into our everyday living. To choose it again and again. It is a choice. In order to build a new reality, it is a minute by minute choice. Choose love. It is Love that will meet us, hold us, give us clarity.

One step at a time, we move forward. Our anxiety, fears, and grief can, and will, accompany us. We are human and it is a normal response. Do not shove these emotions aside and under the rug, forcing them to root deep in our bodies in shadowy corners to then ultimately express in unhealthy ways. Welcome all emotions, even uncomfortable ones. Hold them in your heart. And keep going.

Keep going sometimes looks like hiding in bed or on the couch or in Netflix. Or it means being still and silent, letting heart wisdom emerge. Or helping another. Any and all sorts of fulfilling and rejuvenating actions that work for you.

Feel the gratitude in your heart for what blessings you have, and for the love in your life. Compassion for those who have lost so much; jobs, homes, loved ones, and for those who are victims of injustice. Act and be an activist if this calls to you.

Embrace the greening and restoration of nature. Sleep well. Eat well.

Why? Because we are heading for the rebirth. A new way and better way of living awaits us. We are invited to dive deep and come up with better ways of being and of doing. New ways of rebuilding. New ways of rectifying. New ways of justice.

Visionary Fiction stories offer hope and suggestions for times like these. When I visualized the concepts of my Goddess of the Stars and the Sea series over 25 years ago, I said they were written for those critical junctures in human history, those times of tumult and chaos for humankind. I wrote about past critical junctures such as the demise of Atlantis and the suppression of the Divine Feminine in the Dark Ages (through to now). And today’s world, with my latest publication in January 2020 before I knew what Covid even was. Still, I never imagined the specifics of today’s hellish scenarios. But I knew these kind of times were coming.

Several ancient traditions told us these times were coming, heralding a new golden civilization. My visions told me this. My books wrote about this.

Now is the time to read Visionary Fiction. Glean and gather the hope and suggestions offered through the character’s experiences in Visionary Fiction. We are all being initiated into the new future. Covid is a portal. Wildfires are a portal. Hurricanes are a portal. Grief and fear are a portal and an initiation. Treat these powerful, ever important initiations with love and respect. Treat yourself with love, kindness, and respect. And treat others with love, kindness, and respect.

No more band-aids. Go deep. Be love. We are on the threshold. We are moving all together toward this new world, this new vision.


9 thoughts on “No More Band Aids: A Visionary Fiction Author’s Rant – Jodine Turner

  1. Leonide Martin says:

    Thank you for these heartening and thought-provoking words. I am going through grief and loss and despair for the world right now. Sometimes I think homo sapiens is a doomed species bent on taking down as many others with us as possible, leaving a scorched and destitute planet. Then someone takes a kind or courageous action and reminds me of the love and compassion and creativity of which we’re all capable. May it be so that we are “moving all together toward this new world, this new vision” as you say.

    • Jodine Turner says:

      I feel the same, Lennie. It seems each day there is some new horror that breaks my heart. And each day, I remind myself to take it one moment at a time, choosing love always. That saying, “We were born for these times,” is foundational for me.

  2. Elizabeth Beckett says:

    Thanks Jodine for getting real. For more insight into current times Astrology is always very helpful in explaining the What, Why, and for How Long?
    Specifically Uranus transiting Taurus that was last repeated during the Second World War.
    And of course, Pluto in Capricorn-the destruction of established order that does not serve the higher good.
    Approximately another 6 years of turbulence can be expected as the light breaks through and heralds the Age of Aquarius. And yes, Visionary Fiction will become increasingly important in helping, guiding, and reminding humanity of where they have been and where they may now choose to go.
    The ‘fiction’ part is very important as rock solid but outdated doctrines are no longer useful. The ‘visionary’ part is very important for us to create a world from what is possible, not from what we have been doing…

    • Jodine Turner says:

      Elizabeth, Thank you – it felt raw and heartfelt as I wrote this article. Thanks for the astrological input, it’s always an interesting and helpful general map. Six more years? Sigh!

  3. Victor Smith says:

    Thanks, Jodine. It captures some of the paradox of this way-beyond-trying time. When worse comes to worse, I think of the ancient Mysteries (like Orphic and Elysian as well as Christian, which I am researching for my current novel) and the key principle that death has to be fully experienced before resurrection to a higher level. Looks like those damned Greeks had a point!

  4. Jodine Turner says:

    Ha! Yes, those Greeks had a point. It is also seen in the Dark Goddess energy, the destruction before regeneration. Instead of resisting, we can be open to the possibilities. And…that includes acknowledging the emotional up and downs. Fascinating studies you’re doing with the Orphic, Elysian, mystical Christianity.

  5. Gordon Keirle-Smith says:

    Dear Jodine,
    This is such an inspiring post. So timely, and so right on target. Indeed, this IS the time for VF and many of us will be awakening to the subliminal message in our work (if we didn’t know about it already). Things are becoming slightly clearer now, after being in something of a limbo. Still some way to go… But it is all unfolding.
    Blessings for all.


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