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Nourish the Mind with Visionary Fiction

Visionary Fiction entertains, which is, after all, the main purpose of fiction as a literary form. But visionary fiction goes one step further; it nourishes the mind. Not all visionary fiction, though, nourishes the mind in the same way. Some novels in this category are profound and literary, others deceptively simple and straightforward. Visionary novels […]

The Passion of Mary Magdalen by Elizabeth Cunningham – A Visionary Fiction Book Review by Stefan Emunds

Egseth’s style is suitably simple for an adolescent narrator, yet subtle enough to capture the nuances of one awakening to the spark of the divine within all things

Is There a Right Use of Deadly Force? By Theresa Crater

Is There a Right Use of Deadly Force? This is the thorny question I took up in my new release Assassin Awakens. I’ve always loved spy stories and am a special fan of Jason Bourne films and other such characters. So, that’s one reason I wrote this new book. But there’s more. My paternal ancestors […]