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Is The Midnight Library Visionary Fiction? A Visionary Fiction Book Review by Theresa Crater

The Midnight Library

I just finished up a reading spree of paranormal suspense and felt like a change of pace. I downloaded samples of several best sellers and books recommended by friends and lists. The Midnight Library hooked me. Why? Because for me, it’s visionary fiction at its best. One of the most defining elements of Visionary Fiction […]

Sliding Door Moments

Margaret Duarte Sliding Door Moments

In December 2020’s In Style magazine, writer, producer, and comedian Jordon Firstman said, life is “…all about finding the balance between letting change happen and pushing yourself to achieve major progress…” I agree, but how does one find the balance between taking charge and letting go, between pushing and allowing, between will and surrender? In […]

Book Series Giveaway – Winner Announced

Congratulations to Suzanne Summerill, who has won our giveaway for a copy of each book from the Unseen Blossom series. Thank you to everyone who entered! About the books – from Amazon The Unseen Blossom is a unique fairytale novel that incorporates all aspects of a great read into one eccentric journey. Two searching souls […]

Book Series Giveaway – The Unseen Blossom and The Unseen Path

This giveaway has closed, and the winner has been announced. – Editor To mark the recent release of The Unseen Path, the sequel to The Unseen Blossom, authors Zlaikha Y. Samad and L’mere Younossi are giving one lucky winner a paperback copy of both books (See the VFA review of The Unseen Blossom here). The […]

Evolution in Consciousness DOES Make a Difference

An excerpt for From Atlantis to the Sphinx by Colin Wilson that explains why left-brain development, painful as it might seem at times, has enhanced rather than detracted from the simpler right-brained focus of our ancestors. A valuable differentiation for the VF author to keep in mind: We can be sure that our ancestors of […]