Book Series Giveaway – Winner Announced

Congratulations to Suzanne Summerill, who has won our giveaway for a copy of each book from the Unseen Blossom series. Thank you to everyone who entered!

About the books – from Amazon

The Unseen Blossom book cover

The Unseen Blossom is a unique fairytale novel that incorporates all aspects of a great read into one eccentric journey. Two searching souls embark on a mystical voyage and create a magical love story from the dusty roads of Kabul to a variety of enchanted gardens that reveal the realities of life. In order to find the unseen fig blossom and give rise to everlasting happiness, they must delve within themselves to find the true meaning of selflessness and the essence of good deeds with a touch of humor, poetry, and the perpetual splendor of nature. This romantic and comedic tale, full of exciting events, will stir your soul with its lessons of hope for all of humanity.

The Unseen Path book cover

In The Unseen Path, Zuli and Lamar have returned from their journey through magical gardens and are reconnected on the streets of Kabul. Just as their whirlwind romance picks up speed, hijinks ensue, and they begin to grow comfortable in each other’s worlds, the unthinkable happens. The threat of invasion becomes a troubling reality and chaos shrouds a restless Afghanistan. The two headstrong protagonists are confronted by pain and loss; they are separated by the cruel hands of fate and war. Zuli is forced to choose between her freedom and safety as a royal or her faith in true love. Lamar struggles in an unfamiliar world as he focuses on his goal of finding Zuli and works to regain his footing in a society that continues to be defined by destruction and death. Along the way, they each interact with and befriend different faces, some new and some old, in order to help in their quest for reunion. All from different walks of life, these external forces are intertwined in their belief in true love, goodwill, and prosperity for their country and its citizens. Through the preservation of lessons of humanity and hope, The Unseen Path will inspire all with its much-needed message of peace and freedom in volatile times.



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