Nourish the Mind with Visionary Fiction

Visionary Fiction entertains, which is, after all, the main purpose of fiction as a literary form. But visionary fiction goes one step further; it nourishes the mind.

Not all visionary fiction, though, nourishes the mind in the same way. Some novels in this category are profound and literary, others deceptively simple and straightforward. Visionary novels also range in time period and setting, from historical to contemporary to futuristic. There’s visionary fiction written for children, middle grades, young adults, new adults, and mature adults. There’s Celtic, LGBTQ, and science fiction. And the list goes on. In other words, all visionary fiction has a common characteristic at its core, but it comes in many flavours.

All of us as readers have preferences in the types of stories we enjoy, as we prefer certain foods in our diet. Some of us choose fruits over vegetables, beef over fish, bread over pasta. We can further break down our food preferences into apples over oranges, squash over cucumbers, steak over ground beef, halibut over trout.

Likewise, although visionary fiction distinguishes itself from other book genres in that it helps reach and show what the eyes can’t see but the inner soul can understand, it can be further broken into subcategories such as those mentioned above, as well as utopian, fantasy, horror, metaphysical, and spiritual.

This may sound confusing, but we at the Visionary Fiction Alliance are here to help you find the type of visionary fiction you love to read. Check out the various subtypes of Visionary fiction titles below, which are also listed in the VFA bookstore.


The Keys to Remember, by Jodine Turner


Dragon Boy, by Jim Murdoch
– Pickwick’s Plan; The Wormus; The Horus, by Deepak Menon


– Between Will and Surrender; Between Darkness and Dawn; Between Yesterday and Tomorrow; Between Now and Forever, by Margaret Duarte
Giving Voice to Dawn, by Linda Gribko
Mystic Tea; The Anesthesia Game; The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright, by Rea Nolan Martin
School of Hard Knocks, by Theresa Crater
Trusting the Currents, by Lynnda Pollio


The Todor Trilogy–Revelation; Disintegration; Unity, by Jenna Newell Hiott
– The Awakening: Rebirth of Atlantis
, by Jodine Turner
Under the Stone Paw; Beneath the Hallowed Hill; Return of the Grail King, by Theresa Crater
The Eighth House, by Gerald Stanek

Historical/Epic Fantasy

Voices in Crystal; Going Forth by Day; Opener of the Sky; Heart of the Lotus, By Mary Woldering
Channel of the Grail: A Novel of Cathars, Templars, and a Nazi Grail Hunter; – The Anathemas: A Novel of Reincarnation and Restitution, by Victor Smith
The Hidden Abbey, by Jodine Turner


God in a Box, by Theresa Crater


The Qaraq; The Qaraq and the Maya Factor; The Qaraq and the Subversive Manuscript, by Stephen Weinstock
The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman, by Robin Gregory
The Road to Shambhala; Contact, by Gerald Stanek

Magical Realism

Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat; More Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, by W. Bradford Swift
Destiny’s Call: Carry on the Flame; Destiny’s Call: Ultimate Magic, by Jodine Turner


Gawain and the Green King: Temptation-Karma-Honor, by Stefan Edmunds


– Assassin Awakens, by Theresa Crater

Political Satire

The Fringe Candidate, by W. Bradford Swift

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Babble, by W. Bradford Swift
Witches’Gambit; Dancing with the Dead; Alvar’s Spear, by Charles Freedom Long
Unison: The Spheral; Beyond Omega’s Sunrise, by Eleni Papanou
Skymerge; Spacevasion; Skysplitter, by Deepak Menon


The Water Singers, by Iris Chinook

Mystery / Thriller

The Star Family, by Theresa Crater
Systems, by Saleena Karim
Jessie’s Song, by Eleni Papanou

YA/Middle Grade Fantasy

Amberlin: Divine Destiny; Amberlin: Awakening, by W. Bradford Swift
Inn Lak’ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness; Seaglass Christmas: A Little Blessing Mystery, by Eleyne-Mari Sharp
– The Clay Queen; Clay to Ashes; Iron of Clay; She Died in My Arms, by Ono Ekeh
Timeless Tulips, Dark Diamonds; Into the Land of Snows, by Ellis Nelson
Dominion Over All, Endangered; Ghost Elephant, by W. Bradford Swift
Amelie Trott and The Earth Watchers, by Moyra Irving

The VFA bookstore has something for everyone. You’ll find visionary fiction that not only suits your specific taste for entertainment, but nourishes and catalyzes your mind as well.

And sticks with you like a good, solid meal.


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