Interview with Author Jacklyn A. Lo

By Eleni Papanou

This week, the Visionary Fiction Alliance is focusing on author, Jacklyn A. Lo  and her debut novel, Redemption. She was inspired to write the story because of the “magic of it.”  To set the mood, we begin with Jacklyn’s path to writing the book. Read how she beautifully explains what drives her to create visionary fiction.

In her own words:

Raised in an atheistic environment, I was one of many who fell asleep at the first page of the Bible. I never had a hope to understand this Holy book until I experienced something in my life, which I have come to call my Spiritual Choice.

My Spiritual Choice…

Years ago I realized that the corporate luxury train, in which I was comfortably riding, was taking me in a direction that I did not want to go. Getting off of this train at my own risk and expense was very hard, but I jumped off. But nothing completely disappears, and in my case, the tangibles (prestige, security, wealth and social status) were replaced by an intangible: the ability to see a Spiritual Choice.

The realization first came to me from movies. The spiritual choices of Dracula, Scarface, and the story of Abraham and Jesus became transparent to me. This revelation led me to a fascinating conclusion: a spiritual choice is a shortcut to “upgrade” a human’s consciousness. My enlightening journey continued. I began to see things that I had never seen before. And I added a new word to my personal vocabulary—vision. I realized that vision is a direct product of Consciousness, and that Consciousness is a subject of both evolution and involution.  However, the physical world was still calling for me. I was constantly looking for a new project in which to implement my skills and abilities; one that I had never done before.

One day,  while walking in the forest, I suddenly had an awesome idea: I would make a feature movie. The idea was totally absurd; I had never had any interest in film production, but the idea stuck with me, and gave me the two things that I needed the most: hope, and a direction. But before I could make a movie I needed a complete story. This is why I decided to write the novel.

Can you further elaborate on spiritual choice and how it relates to your book?

My Spiritual Philosophy involves the concept of Spiritual Choice. I see Spiritual Choice as a powerful tool to upgrade our consciousness within a relatively short time period. During this transformation we absorb a different spectrum of vibrations than we do during merely theoretical spiritual exercises and practices. In Redemption, the heroine experiences five Spiritual Choices in five different lives. Each time, she chooses a spiritual path towards LIGHT.

How was the main character created?

I knew I wanted my main character to be a woman, because I greatly admire strong heroines. And I wanted her to be a powerful person, who had been raised to be independent, ambitious, and motivated for professional growth. I gave her a ubiquitous name—Ann. I wanted her to be as free as possible from personal entanglements, so she is not only unmarried, but has no attachment to any particular culture or nationality.

What character do you most identify with? 

Mostly I identify myself with the heroine, Ann. The qualities we share are independence, managerial and leadership skills, and a passion for high-tech solutions, especially robots.  Also, like Ann, supernatural experiences have been a part of my own life journey.

The spiral in Ann’s dream sounds a lot like kundalini. Was that your intention?

The spiral might be a kundalini, however, its came from my personal experience—unfortunately negative one, which I had years ago. The sensation started from above my head and went to infinity. I felt that the path of the spiral represents all my existence, which is far beyond of my current life and that my current life comparing with the spiral is like an ant vs a human being.

Do you believe robots will eventually become conscious?

Personally I believe, that Artificial Intelligence ( robots), built by human beings, will never get such a treasury such as consciousness. This is a key differentiation between a human being and a robot. I also have a logical explanation of my belief. Consciousness is a reflection of the human being’s carrier – a soul. The soul could and should be activated only by perfect consciousness. The perfect consciousness for us is our Creator, whom we call God. A human being does not have enough “spiritualization skills ”  to create an “artificial” consciousness.

The Mi backstory—that took place in the stone age—is done very well. I didn’t care at all that I didn’t know the exact period of time. This added a level of mystery and intrigue. As a writer, I have been told that a vague setting should be avoided. It’s a point that I always disagree with because I think readers are intelligent enough not to need everything spelled out for them. How did you create the mystique of Mi’s world? 

Thank you Eleni for your encouraging comments about Mi’s character, I am very happy to hear that… Since a little girl I have always been  inspired by the stone age lifestyle.  There is definitely a lot of mystery in prehistoric times, with primitive people covered by hair, living in caves and hunting for mammoths. So, I thought it could be exciting for other readers to get one more story about that time.

I like the concept of the fourth dimension. Can you explain it a little further. What gave you the idea for this?

The fourth dimension was always intriguing me personally. And I was a very big fan of math and physics. The hypothesis that we live in three-dimensional world was pretty obvious for me, but was is beyond? Einstein delivered a revolutionary theory – for human beings the Fourth dimension is going to be time. And this perception has always been very fascinating for me.

A few years ago, walking in the secluded forest, Jacklyn set a new, ambitious goal for herself― to make a feature movie. Inspired, she started to write a script, which eventually became a thick novel. The theme of the novel, provided by Higher Consciousness, has made the story unique and unforgettable. Jacklyn has a Master’s Degree in Technology, an MBA in Finance, two years of High Astrology School, and years of self-study in New Age topics. Currently she lives in Europe.
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25 thoughts on “Interview with Author Jacklyn A. Lo

  1. Admin - Eleni says:

    There’s so much to comment on here. First, I love your concept of spiritual choice, and how you say it’s a “shortcut to “upgrade” a human’s consciousness.” I resonate with this because before I became aware of this choice, I was flying blind. So it really is a shortcut!

    I’d love to hear the spiritual choices of the characters you’ve mentioned.

    • Jacklyn says:

      The realization of the "blindness" in your past is coming after the experience of enlightenment. Many things which have been hidden suddenly became transparent to you. The visibility of the things is in the direct relation to the enlightenment which you have been chosen. In my case I got an "access" to Spiritual Choice.

      The Spiritual Choices of Ann in each of five lives of her are unique and heading to the High-Value intangibles.

      • Admin - Eleni says:

        You're so right. After my kundalini awakening, everything came out. I had no choice but to confront my past and heal. For me, it was a very positive experience as it happened when I needed it most. I felt immense bliss when I was plugged into the Universe.

    • Jacklyn says:

      The spiral thing is touching the most thrilling concern of the human kind: Is our Soul Mortal? or Is there any RISK of Spiritual Death for us?

      My personal answer is: Yes, unfortunately or fortunately, we ALL without any exception are having a risk of Spiritual Death here, on the Earth. But is it possible to eliminate the risk? Yes, it is. This is my story about. This is what my heroine successfully did with the help of the mysterious stranger.

      Please read the novel and come with fresh questions!

      • Theresa Crater says:

        I'm reading my way through all the VFA novels I can get. Look forward to your work.

        My experience with this idea is quite different. I loved the way our Egyptian Wisdom Keeper put it: there is no death and no separation. We are unbounded consciousness, the Divine, even when we are unaware of it as we often are here on earth.

      • Victor E. Smith says:

        Intrigued by the description of your book, Jacklyn, and the thought that went behind it. While I tend to agree more with Theresa's below (There is no death and no separation), I am looking forward to reading how your book presents the "RISK of Spiritual Death." Deep water for any human mind to attempt , but those are the waters we VF authors are crazy/courageous enough to try to navigate. I attempted the question of ultimate evil with the character of Lucinda in my novel, The Anathemas. Without spoiling my own book, I did in the end leave her a possibility for redemption–whether she took it or not was beyond the scope of the novel.

    • Jacklyn A. Lo (@Jack says:

      Coming back to the spiral thing.

      Ann got a very soft version of the spiral "phenomena" vs to my personal supernatural experience, which happened years ago. In the novel the spiral is entering Ann's unconscious and disturbing her sleep. In reality a vision of the spiral came in my conscious state and I wasn't able to sleep at all. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink. In my vision the spiral, represented ALL my existence much far beyond of my current life, was collapsing… The pain was running from my eyes. I was trying to hide the eyes from people, by still by catching my glance they felt very uncomfortable. That pain was not comparable with a pain of a physical body, it was so much deeper. The idea of getting rid of it by committing a suicide was childish and naive – IT WON'T HELP!
      I have survived, but since then the reincarnation chain and Spiritual Death became a part of MY REALITY.

      • Victor E. Smith says:

        Any plans to write of your experience in non-fiction form, Jacklyn? From the above, I believe it would be helpful to those who have had similar experiences but have been unable to identify or absorb them afterwards.

        My path to enlightenment, such as it has been so far, has been more gradual; and for that I am grateful. Don't think I could deal with a Saul of Tarsus "falling off the horse" experience and maintain my balance between the two worlds. Think of Gopi Krishna's physical experience after kundalini opening (Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man); intense and it may have led to his death.

        Very good description of the two modes in William James's Variety of Religious Experience. Don't know if we have much control over the way it comes; but on several occasions, knowing myself, I asked for it in "small doses" and have adopted meditation techniques that tend to do that. Of course, the drawback is that it takes a lot longer and may make a less definite impact. One is left piecing the smaller experiences together rather than taking a major experience apart.

        • jacklynlo says:

          Thank you Vic for your comments and i love them!

          My novel is more optimistic than you thought. It actually rather about "HIGH RISK INVESTMENT into IMMORTALITY" than about the “RISK of Spiritual Death.”

          Your novel, The Anathemas, is very intriguing too. And I just visited Istanbul couple of weeks ago 🙂

  2. Jacklyn says:

    The spiral was not only overwhelming, but also representing ALL your existence, which is much more than your the only current life. The power of the spiral is not compatible with anything imaginable and you can feel how light is the "weight" of your current physical life.

    • Jacklyn A. Lo (@Jack says:

      Thank you Teresa for your comment.

      it's nice to have a diversity of the opinions. Each of us has own unique experience, which is leading us to the same destination point. In accordance to my personal perception our diversity is the main purpose of the Free Will, which our Lord generously gave to us. Please find more about the Free Will in the Rob-Ann metaphysical discussions.

  3. libredux says:

    Jacklyn, thanks for sharing your story and how you came to write your novel. Like Theresa, I'm intrigued by your negative experience (can relate to that in a way, actually). And yet again, as is prevalent in so many VF stories, reincarnation is a major theme. Curious to know how the robots fit into the plot, since you've already indicated your robots don't possess consciousness, so I'm guessing they don't possess consciousness in your novel either.

    • Jacklyn says:

      Yes, the negative experience with reincarnation chain is a BIG thing, because its showing the priorities of the things -spiritual or materialistic, the only life or thousands or even millions lives beyond…
      This subject is both: complex and important and its needed an extra interview.

      For the robotic companion of Ann – please check the novel, its fun! And ask more if you will get extra questions

  4. margaretduarte says:

    Hi Jacklyn. I wonder for how many writers and artists the following statement you made applies — about how an idea hits you and sticks with you until you take hold of it and run: "One day, while walking in the forest, I suddenly had an awesome idea: I would make a feature movie. The idea was totally absurd; I had never had any interest in film production, but the idea stuck with me, and gave me the two things that I needed the most: hope, and a direction." I believe that most writers don't plan to be writers, but are called. Yes, by a sudden idea/vision that seems to come out of nowhere. A direct product of Consciousness? An urging from a Fourth Dimension that gives us hope and direction and the ability and determination to turn thoughts into things? Such questions lead me to a quote I read today by E.J. Dionne Jr. "In faith as in science, finding the right answers inevitably involves questioning our own questions."

  5. Jacklyn A. Lo (@Jack says:

    Thank you Margaret for your comment and I love the quote: “In faith as in science, finding the right answers inevitably involves questioning our own questions.”

    ABSOLUTELY! We are ALL part of the GREAT PLAN and there is a space for each of us. The only thing is requested from us – our own personal Will to make a step forward.

    My favorite quote is from Matthew: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you".

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  7. jacklynlo says:

    Thanks Vic for the asking about the non-fiction writing. I am pleased. However, i would rather prefer to invest my current time into the couple of more novels about Ann and her mission in the "No time land". The book about own experiences could wait a bit.

    But this is true – we have to share our "research and development" of own life journeys. I got my first supernatural experience in the adolescence. Nobody could explain what happened to me. Only due to my "not giving up" approach years later I found right books and solved the puzzle. ( by the way, these books were also approving a risk of the spiritual death for any human in the physical reality)


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