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This is the second and final part of this two-part article. For the first part, click here.

In May 2017, my cousin—a now-retired former chief editor for Reader’s Digest—coached me toward a wonderful self-publishing service offered by Amazon.com called CreateSpace. By the end of the year all three novels of the Osiris Plan trilogy were up and available on Amazon.

The Osiris Plan trilogyThe story that I chose to tell is based on several premises that are accepted fact in my personal reality, such as: the existence of a Spiritual world and; Creation as a realization or acting out of the Universal Consciousness. We are all a part of that Universal consciousness and, therefore, an active and viable part and contributor to Creation (whether we “know it” or not). We are inspired or, more correctly, inspirited by individuated perspectives of consciousness that some choose to call “souls” or “spiritual beings” or “monads” or “light beings” or whatever. What people ”forget” is that these spiritual beings are also part of an illusory or made-up version of reality (“Creation”) analogous to the writers, directors, funders, and builders of a play, while the players or actors are, in fact, the “spirit”-inspired, or ensouled, human beings playing out the stories on the four-dimensional surface of the “stage” we call planet Earth.

Another underlying premise in my story—in my personal reality—is that there are infinite versions/variations of what we like to call “reality” playing out in our universe and other universes and (for us) unimaginable other dimensionalities all at the same time. The Formless God’s Imagination being projected out into “Form.” It’s all an illusion, all “pretend.” And it’s all If you can imagine it, if you can think it, then it is probably “real”—probably being “acted out” somewhere in the Cosmos. This is especially true since Creation is Divine Imagination projected out into Form, which means every ”thing” in the Cosmos comes from, is, and ever remains, a part of the Divine. Thus, we are all part of God. Even more, we are God: we are projections of the Essence of Divine Imagination, Divine Creativity, and thus at the very least representatives of this Divine Consciousness. We create, we imagine, we project, we “do” all of the things that God does because we are God.

DualityIf we are God, then why are there so many bad things and evil running around on our planet—not to mention the mean or regrettable thoughts popping up inside us? Because in God’s Mind—the Mind of Infinite Imagination and Infinite Possibilities—there is no “right” or “wrong,” no “good” or “bad,” no “better” or “worse,” it all just is. Is-ness is the gift of God’s decision to project Our Imagination, to try to make “real” and “objective” all that We imagine. In this Creative Cosmos of Projected Imagination We had the brilliant idea of employing a concept of Duality in the World of Form. Duality constitutes that all things on a spectrum of Light, on a Spectrum of Thought, on a Spectrum of Possibility are not only possible but necessary. There can be no Michael without Lucifer. There can be no “black” or “darkness” without white. There can be no “good” without “evil.” There can be no Heaven without Hell. There can be no male without female. There can be no love without hate. Et cetera, et cetera. Now, since all of these things need to exist in order for the true potential of the Concept of Duality to be fully realized, there must be all things—including a planet which supports the life of a version of hominids whose mission, whose goal, whose Soul assignment, is to enact a “game” or “play” in which the most depraved version of behaviors are played out.

My story was launched by several “what ifs” that I’d been ruminating on for a few years. One was what if the course of history for this experiment of humankind that we call Homo sapiens sapiens was planned out by a community of spiritual “players” or thespians—and that, like our own theatrical players, they have enjoyed delving into scenarios and roles that test their skills on the level that King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth, Oedipus Rex, and The Crucible have tested humankind’s own players and producers.

What if this current version of hominids walking on the surface of the planet that some of them call Earth are not the first or only species of their ilk to have had a time on the third planet from our Sun? What if climate change is real, what if the myriad so-called feedback loops have in fact been tipped beyond recall and our spiral into uncontrolled planetary warming is beginning to accelerate geometrically? What if a certain group of courageous members of our “tribe” have been enticed to volunteer to perform the role of firmly guiding our species to an evolutionary descent into depravity, greed and malevolence? What if members of that group of “guides” had a means for screening, training, and testing the youth of our species in order to find their replacements? What if part of the reason for the detached state of the wealthy elite of our species is so that they can continue to endure and persevere in their promised commitment to driving humanity into the deepest, darkest state(s) of depravity possible? What if God sits on, watching the tragic “play” of our species, with the same respectful awe and wonder as any audience member in a Royal Shakespearean theatre? Or worse, what if God prefers Fox News to Shakespeare?

Alternative realitiesEven my next writing project is being fueled by “what ifs” and rabbit hole story trajectories. But that (will be) another story. Literally. The “visionary” nature of my writing is validated in the way that I try to offer story lines of “alternate yet possible realities.” I do this in order to try to provoke individual reflection and community discussions. Offering alternate and visionary perspectives on life and the human condition seems to be part of the Kali Creator/Destroyer expression that seems a natural part of my being. I consider it a “spiritually provocative” mission to confront people with perspectives that are different from their own. My mission seems to have really just begun. Wish me luck! (And run screaming if you live in fear of your beliefs and values being challenged!)

This is the second and final part of this two-part article. For the first part, click here.


Drew FisherAbout the author

Drew Fisher was born into a so-called blue blood family—though of the nouveau riche kind—but never felt comfortable with or deserving of the privileges that came with such a start. Educated in the liberal arts, he traveled the Continent and the States, chose classroom teaching (elementary education) as his initial vocation (for 8 years) before realizing that he really wanted to be a dad. Drew has always questioned accepted norms and social patterns, pursued alternative life and values while writing about his favorite topics: love, spirituality, and human potential; education, values, and social reform. After leaving teaching, he worked in a bakery where met the future mother of his two daughters. She convinced him to give massage therapy and bodywork a try as his next career choice. 24 years later, Drew is a Wisconsin-based massage therapist, organic produce farmer, music radio show host, author of a trilogy of visionary fiction, and husband to the most amazing woman on the planet.

Drew’s visionary fiction trilogy can be found here:

Visit Drew’s website here: theosirisplan.blogspot.co.uk


6 thoughts on “Writing Realities Part 2 – Drew Fisher

  1. William Fietzer says:

    Sounds like a lot of story lines to follow, given the number and scope of your “What if”s. Still, if handled qell, thwy shoufd make for an engrossing read. I look forward to taking up thw challenge.

  2. V. M. Franck - Vi says:

    “I consider it a “spiritually provocative” mission to confront people with perspectives that are different from their own. My mission seems to have really just begun.”

    In a number of my books my goals were to do that too. Maybe not in the same way you do, but there are multiple pieces to the reality pie. So it is good.

  3. drstephenw says:

    I co-taught in a program with a playwrighting teacher who encouraged the students not to judge their antagonists, but enter fully into their inner minds. He pointed out how ‘fun’ and alluring the energy of the greatest villains are, say in Shakespeare, because the writer accepted them and fleshed them out fully. Drew, you are taking this idea to its extreme! Very brave, very scary, very uncomfortable, very fascinating.

    The Infinite Imagination is a recent favorite term of mine. Does it come from somewhere specific? When friends read my books and say “Where do you get all this stuff?” that’s an answer I’ve found. It’s capable of producing the dark sides of Worlds, but also the Wondrous.

  4. Victor Smith says:

    Fascinating journey you are taking, Drew. But had to laugh when I read: “Because in God’s Mind—the Mind of Infinite Imagination and Infinite Possibilities—there is no “right” or “wrong,” no “good” or “bad,” no “better” or “worse,” it all just is.” You gave away the ending! However, I wouldn’t worry about it: life has a way of making the conflict, however “play” it is, seem real enough to bolster the impression of drama.

    I enjoyed your pieces and their thesis. Keep us posted on progress.

  5. reanolanmartin says:

    Thanks for your perspective, Drew! Those of us who write about this stuff are sort of ‘the play within the play’, don’t you think? I have felt for some time that we’re moving toward an Omega point. Opposing forces appear to be more radical than ever just before they converge. Even gender, which is at the root of life and origin, is morphing and converging. Best of luck with all of this!


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