Victor E Smith

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When I first began experimenting with writing as a teenager, I had no idea who Carl Jung was, and yet I can claim that even then I knew in my gut what he meant by “the hinterlands of man’s mind,” although it would be years before I would  become reluctantly comfortable enough to experience and write about them.

From childhood on a radically religious farm community, to adolescence in a cloistered seminary, through an about-face into New York City at the rebellious apex of the ’60’s , and then on to an eclectic adulthood with a family and numerous occupations that ranged from counselor and teacher to entrepreneur and corporate computer trainer, a generalist by default, I remain astounded, more often stunned, by both the wonders and terrors of human existence. While thrashing through the myriad jungles of religions, philosophies, self-help movements, as well as more solid substances, it was this two-edged awe that always compelled me to write: poetry, theater, journals, business and education materials, settling eventually on the novel form.

A lifelong proponent of human spiritual evolution, I’ve remained intrigued by paranormal phenomena, especially the tantalizing mysteries posed by the afterlife and reincarnation. Avidly reading and researching and travelling to the settings about which I write, no matter how remote, I am a bloodhound after ideas and stories. Thus far, my most prized reward has been the evolution and production of the visionary historical novel.