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Visionary Fiction: Rediscovering Ancient Paths to Truth – Reprint – Hal Zina Bennett

Editor’s note (Margaret Duarte): There has been a recent buzz around the genre of Visionary Fiction, mainly due to the efforts of Visionary Fiction Alliance. However, a person new to the scene claims to have coined the term and has inserted restrictive content into the definition that goes against all Visionary Fiction Alliance stands for: […]

Finding Light Through Darkness in Dystopian Fiction – Part Two

In part one of the dystopian book series, we discussed how tales like 1984 raised our collective consciousness to the horrors of totalitarian systems. If that’s true, why is it difficult for us to join together and articulate current events to lessons we’ve learned from the book? In my mid-twenties, I had the realization that […]

Finding Light Through Darkness in Dystopian Fiction – Part One

I’ve seen a meme floating around on Facebook of a Euler diagram linking together a host of dystopian movies and novels to an ominous undisclosed location. It started popping up during the start of the pandemic. Comments about the meme varied, yet I got the sense that those who responded were bound together by a […]

Visionary Fiction and the Global Pandemic – Jodine Turner

I am self-isolating, staying at home with my husband and our cats. I am isolated at home but feeling a deep connection with every other person in our world going through the pandemic, having their own experience, their own struggles, their own fears, maybe even points of joy and love and rediscovery. We are in […]

Journey of the Consciousness – Neil Perry Gordon

During the writing of my novel, The Righteous One, my eighty-three year old father suddenly passed away. This heart-wrenching event shifted my intention from what started out as a lighthearted adventure story into an exploration of the connection between our physical body and our eternal consciousness or soul.  The plot of The Righteous One focuses on […]