Serendipity Happens and Visionary Fiction


Here’s a few of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the newly emerging genre of Visionary Fiction.  For me Visionary Fiction is Soulful writing. Why?  Because this type of writing emerges from  a very deep place within the author.  I know from personal experience.  Its writing requires an open heart, open mind–so very open that one connects with the very depths of one’s Self, which is in essence at one with the entire Universe.  From this space, the purest expanse of Visionary Fiction flows.  The writing of Visionary Fiction flows from deep insight, from Cosmic wisdom.  A Visionary Fiction story may encompass the everyday ordinary while simultaneously going beyond into realms of enhanced states of Being, uplifted Consciousness, transformational alchemy and even paranormal realms.  My understanding is that Visionary Fiction is simply ancient wisdom for a modern world.


In a Visionary Fiction story, the focus and main theme will be upon a character’s inner experience.  This inner experience will ultimately transform the character and/or life by supernatural events or enhanced modes of perception expanding beyond the usual.  This could include such types of key experiences as dreams, psychic abilities, and journeys to realms beyond.  The author will take the reader through a story that highlights metaphysical experience. The reader will feel an openness of mind and heart by reading the story.  And the reader will naturally begin to envision new possibilities for life on Earth through this more open state of being.  This is the very fundamental beginning of transformation for the reader and eventually for life on Earth.  The reader may become consciously aware of the potential for personal empowerment, creativity, happiness, peace, and love.  It’s the vision of a more complete experience of all one would hope to be.   To envision is the first step in positive progressive life transformation.  By this very fact we can see how very potent Visionary Fiction can be as a Healing Tool.  As I see it, Soulfulness is the key to Visionary Fiction.

Photography by Judy Mendelson

At the Tamaracks Poetry Celebration, I displayed my new book, Serendipity Happens, and talked to interested writers and poets about Visionary Fiction


In my newest book release Serendipity Happens, the main character Julianah is beset with numerous trials, tribulations, and chaos in her life.  Yet, her deepest desire is just a simple, heartfelt dream … she wishes for happiness in her retirement years.  Unfortunately, chaos escalates and Julianah feels increasingly troubled.  She is almost ready to give up but through a series of unexpected events realizes she’s had the power all along … all she needs to do is consciously connect with her inner strength and power. Julianah experiences visions, dreams, and a transformational life journey that surprisingly has an inter-stellar dimension absolutely out of this world!  The life story of Julianah, along with the interesting characters she encounters along the way provides the reader with deeper insight and abundant inspiration for the beauty possible in life.  Serendipity Happens is a Visionary Fiction romance and is truly a love story for a New Earth.  I focused on Julianah’s inner experience while I wrote this story.  A Visionary Fiction author will use this writer’s tool of highlighting inward thought, emotion, metacognition, and expanded awareness to bring deeper understanding to the reader.

Photography by Hope Leon

Here as Guest Speaker (far right) at the RWTO Retired Women Teacher’s of Ontario Writer’s Club,
I talk about my writing experience of Serendipity Happens and the newly emerging genre of Visionary Fiction.  


As Visionary Fiction enlightens and highlights what is possible in life, the reader is brought the wonderful gift of clarity, peace of mind, and expanded possibilities.  It is this awareness of new possibilities that is of utmost importance to the story-line and the reader’s awareness.  We often hear it said about life that’s just the way it is, as if we must accept all problems, injustices, disappointments, and sufferings as the usual course of life and bound to be repeated forever into eternity … as if nothing else were possible.  Even the horror of war is justified as something inherently necessary from which our history was built and into which our future depends.  Many believe it is not possible to go beyond war and experience Earth as a peaceful planet.  With Visionary Fiction there is abundant openness to consider a different way! 

This theme of inner peace and world peace is woven into the tapestry of the story-line with Serendipity Happens, and it not only creates hope for the readers but demonstrates to fellow Visionary Fiction authors how readily new philosophy, and social commentary are integrated into this genre.


From my own personal experience in writing Serendipity Happens I definitely experienced growth in my spiritual awareness along with developing my writing skills.  This was the first fiction novel I had ever written as a solo author.  I decided to experiment while writing this book and just go with inspiration and free flow.  This was a new writing experience for me, in which I did not use a plot outline or character profile in order to write my book.  This time the writing of my manuscript was experimental.  I didn’t really know if I would be able to write with such free style.  Nevertheless, I began with the decision to enjoy this experience and see if it was possible for me to write in this free flowing way.  My very first vision was of an entire book of blank pages and I wondered how I would ever be able to fill these pages with a coherent story line.  Admittedly, I felt somewhat overwhelmed.  But I decided to go for a walk and just relax my mind and entire being.  I realized this relaxed state of being was of utmost importance if I were to actually write a wonderful story.  Upon my return and feeling more relaxed, I sat at my computer and began to write the first chapter.  I was amazed at how effortless the literary flow was … like a waterfall … it flowed!  I felt inspiration and knew this was the state of mind I would ease myself into for writing the rest of the chapters. A meditative mindset.

Photography by Deborah A. Morrison

Sometimes I go for a leisurely walk or perhaps quietly watch the sunset view from my balcony so I can easily drift into a meditative mindset which is perfect for writing Visionary Fiction.


     I will confess, while writing my story I really hadn’t heard about the genre of Visionary Fiction yet.  I just knew I was bursting with a wonderful story, which I desired to write.  For my other books, and during the previous few years, I had referred to myself as a Visionary Author.  Somehow there was a hint as to the direction I was going.  But, as of yet, I had no conscious awareness of Visionary Fiction as an up-and-coming newly recognized genre.  I set out with the conscious intent to enjoy the experience of writing the manuscript.  Indeed, joy was the experience throughout the entire process from beginning to end of my writing experience for this book.  Joy, inspiration, free flow!  I lived and breathed this experience for the entire two years it took me to write the book. I then  set out to edit at a relaxed pace and enjoy the editing experience without rushing.  I did not set a schedule to write.  I wrote whenever I was inspired and never felt rushed or pressured to reach any time-lines.  This is the kind of energy that went into writing my book.

Once my manuscript was finished and my publisher had sent it to the printer, I was searching on-line for various ways to promote my book.  I stumbled upon The Visionary Fiction Alliance and began to read all about Visionary Fiction and this interesting Visionary group.  It suddenly dawned upon me that Serendipity Happens would fit perfectly into the new genre of Visionary Fiction.  With this new insight, I felt as if the stars aligned.  I knew I was at the right place at the right time! I suddenly became aware of the reason why I had called myself a Visionary Author for the past few years. Unknowingly, I had been writing a Visionary Fiction novel all along!  I also learned that Amazon was just recently beginning to list Visionary Fiction as a recognized category.

 Also, I read through the list of books by other authors who had their books listed as Visionary Fiction!  All of my favourite authors were included in this group. Interestingly, I had enjoyed this genre all along without even knowing it.  It felt like coming home!  There I was with a new understanding of myself as a Visionary Fiction reader and author.  I realized how very powerful Visionary Fiction is as a tool for envisioning a New Earth, a tool to transcend everyday consciousness for the ultimate purpose of healing, self empowerment, and transformational living.  Sometimes you find good things without even trying. Unexpectedly, I found the Visionary Fiction Alliance, and also the genre of Visionary Fiction, in which my new book fits perfectly!  Indeed a Soulful experience!  All I can say is … Serendipity Happens!



12 thoughts on “Serendipity Happens and Visionary Fiction

  1. tuilorraine says:

    I absolutely agree with this. You have put it in a nutshell:
    “The writing of Visionary Fiction flows from deep insight, from Cosmic wisdom. A Visionary Fiction story may encompass the everyday ordinary while simultaneously going beyond into realms of enhanced states of Being, uplifted Consciousness, transformational alchemy and even paranormal realms. My understanding is that Visionary Fiction is simply ancient wisdom for a modern world.”

    • Deborah A. Morrison says:

      Indeed! Visionary Fiction writers/authors write in order to bring insight and inspiration not only to readers but also to writers of this newly emerging genre. I’m delighted to know you find my article and writing experience to be uplifting!

  2. reanolanmartin says:

    I also write in a free flowing process. Characters guide us, not the other way around. Best of luck with your new novel!

    • Deborah A. Morrison says:

      It’s wonderful to see how characters in our stories can take on their own life! While writing, if we are open and go with the flow of this experience, our stories are taken to the ‘next level’ which enhances the quality of the entire Visionary Fiction story.

    • Deborah A. Morrison says:

      Thanks to the Visionary Fiction Alliance for being here! It’s a wonderful place for authors and readers to share and discover more about Visionary Fiction. I’m excited to know my insights are appreciated. It’s my intent to share my personal experience in writing my first Visionary Fiction novel in order to enhance learning and growth in our understanding of this newly emerging genre. It’s a process! As I read and write more in the field of Visionary Fiction I’m open to developing my writing skills and understanding too. It’s all about the journey!

  3. Robin says:

    I agree that visionary fiction shows transformation, from the within to the without. It can also address a shift in consciousness of a village, a city, a nation. I think that happened beautifully in the film “Dunkirk.” Director, Christopher Nolan, explained what he refers to as director Werner Herzog’s idea of “ecstatic truth” in fiction. “It’s the idea that fiction can communicate something more truthful to audiences about actual events than documentary,” said Nolan. “By using fiction, I was able to explain various aspects of what happened in Dunkirk more efficiently and with more emotional clarity than by just following strict facts.” And the result was perhaps the most powerful anti-war film every made.

  4. Deborah A. Morrison says:

    Precisely! I very much like the term ‘ecstatic truth’ in fiction. In thinking about it, I can see how fiction can communicate something more truthful to the reader. And Visionary Fiction is the perfect genre and platform to do so. With Visionary Fiction the character’s inner experiences are highlighted. A deeper, inner truth can be expressed … an inner truth which highlights the truth of events, facts, stories, more completely. From this space the reader is drawn into the experiences and can begin to feel the truth of a scene directly. Indeed, the result is powerful!

  5. margaretduarte says:

    Well said, Deborah. I found the following quotes from your post particularly true. “A Visionary Fiction story may encompass the everyday ordinary while simultaneously going beyond into realms of enhanced states of Being, uplifted Consciousness, transformational alchemy and even paranormal realms.” And “A Visionary Fiction author will use this writer’s tool of highlighting inward thought, emotion, metacognition, and expanded awareness to bring deeper understanding to the reader.” Welcome to the VFA.

  6. Deborah A. Morrison says:

    Impressive! You’ve discovered two important Visionary Fiction insights in my article. And there’s so much more for us Visionary Fiction authors and readers to discover. The way I understand it, we’re at the leading edge of a newly emerging genre. I’m very happy to join the Visionary Fiction Alliance!


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