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Serendipity Happens and Visionary Fiction

KEY TO VISIONARY FICTION AS A GENRE Here’s a few of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the newly emerging genre of Visionary Fiction.  For me Visionary Fiction is Soulful writing. Why?  Because this type of writing emerges from  a very deep place within the author.  I know from personal experience.  Its writing requires an open heart, open mind–so very open that one […]

Bring on the Crazy Women – The Mater’s Series Part 1 – VM Franck

Part One of The Mater’s Series Peering into Tenacity, Strength and Wisdom Do you miss them…the old women in your family, your friends or neighbors, the ones who withstood all life thrust at them and emerged stronger for it?  Maybe by the time you realized how much you longed to know their secrets, how they […]

Channelling as a Method of Creating Visionary Fiction – Elizabeth Beckett

I am always reluctant to describe myself as a writer, because although I have written 7 books and published 5, I didn’t really write them. Well, I was responsible for researching the material, typing them up, and publishing them, and of course I am the sole recipient of the royalties for the books, but did […]

“Buen Camino!”

“Buen Camino!” These words offer wishes of good fortune to travelers of the Camino, or ‘The Way,’ – a pilgrimage on the Compostela de Santiago trail that runs from southern France through northern Spain. A friend from my writing critique group recently invited me to trek this 500 mile path with her. I was excited […]

Visionary Fiction’s Effect On This Author

By Eleni Papanou In the not so distant past, writing felt more like a chore. It took ten screenplays and one badly written novel to admit I never felt satisfied with what I produced. It seemed like I wrote only to satisfy an audience, which made the experience hollow. Longing to create something more personal, […]