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Evolution in Consciousness DOES Make a Difference

An excerpt for From Atlantis to the Sphinx by Colin Wilson that explains why left-brain development, painful as it might seem at times, has enhanced rather than detracted from the simpler right-brained focus of our ancestors. A valuable differentiation for the VF author to keep in mind: We can be sure that our ancestors of […]

Writing From My Soul To Yours – Albert C Moore

Introduction I first felt compelled to write a book in 2002. It was originally conceived to be a memoir. That felt overwhelming. Writing seemed slow and laborious; frightened, I couldn’t begin. I’d identified as an architect and urban designer for decades. Drawings were my primary mode of communication. A professional editor suggested I write fiction. […]

Finding Purpose by Writing in the Shadows – Andrzej Barski

I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m much more inclined to imagine there’s a reason for things, a bigger picture. And that includes why we’re alive. It’s not a new idea, of course. Aristotle wrote that we all have purpose and the meaning of life is to try and attain that purpose. We’re still trying to […]

Holo Earth and the Evolution of Awareness

There’s an old Bushman (Khoi San people of Southern Africa) saying that there is “a dream dreaming us”. I first came across that quote in Laurens van der Post’s books and Joseph Campbell also talks about it in his writings: that this dimension we call reality is no more real than a dream. Science has […]

Visionary Fiction and Transhumanism, Part 2

We ended Part 1 stuck between the opposites of Matter, represented by the infernal machines, and Spirit, as epitomized by abstract ideals. Transhumanism, by definition, seems positioned in the former category, the Dalai Lama’s “half machine,” and our visionary viewpoint in the latter, what His Holiness calls “a stream of consciousness.” That these two elements, one inanimate and the other animate, might join in some unnatural marriage to rival or supplant the current human model was seen, to put it kindly, as far out.