Children of Stone: Going Forth by Day by Mary Woldering – A Visionary Fiction Book Review by L. Donovan

Having previously read “Voices in Crystal,” I have to start this review off with a kudos to the author for what is likely the steepest rise in quality of writing and “fit and finish” that I’ve seen in indie publishing. While I enjoyed the first book in the “Children of Stone” series, this next volume stands head and shoulders above it.

Set after the events of “Voices in Crystal,” (duh), “Going Forth by Day” concerns itself chiefly with the day-to-day lives of Marai’s “wives” after his death. Split up and sent off with different royals of the Egyptian court, they each deal with their lives post-Marai in their own ways. My favorite was Arriennu, who seeks her own power over the powerful men through her…ahem…aggressive sexuality.

And given that this is the second novel in a series now up to four installments (and more to come), it should come as no spoiler that reports of Marai’s death were…flawed. Yes, he really did die, and yes he really is still an ongoing character, and yes that means that… well, just read it and find out for yourself.

Very much recommended to fans of “Voices in Crystal.”


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