Gawain and the Green Knight by Stefan Emunds – A Visionary Fiction Alliance Book Review by Christian Sia

Gawain and the Green Knight: Temptation Karma Honor by Stefan Emunds is a brilliant rendition of the beautiful tale of Sir Gawain’s destiny, a fiery knight with a single purpose in mind; to attain honor. Courageous and bent on becoming memorable as a noble knight, Sir Gawain of King Arthur’s Round Table accepts a beheading challenge from the mysterious Green Knight and sets out on an odyssey that is shrouded in mystery. Can he face the challenges before him and win the battles he has to fight? Can he conquer the temptations of lust and fame and power, and keep a pure heart worthy of a knight? This is a tale fraught with mystery, religious themes, loyalty, and an endearing sense of purpose.

There is a pervading sense of mystery that permeates every layer of this story and Stefan Emunds has done a great job to make the reader feel it. The character of Gawain comes out beautifully throughout the story and readers will love him, because he represents the spiritual battle that many of us have to fight. This is both a spiritual and a symbolic story with many lessons for the reader. The writing is poetic, at times evocative, and hugely accessible. I loved the way the author used suspense and conflict throughout the story. The mystery surrounding the Green Knight is beautifully created to keep the reader’s curiosity on the alert. Gawain and the Green Knight: Temptation Karma Honor is engaging, entertaining, and satisfying in many ways.


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