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The Anesthesia Game by Rea Nolan Martin – A Visionary Fiction Alliance Book Review by Ellis Nelson

Teenager, Sydney, has a fatal disease that her mother, Mitsy, won’t name. Mitsy increasingly relies on Pandora, a spiritual advisor to meet the daily challenges of dealing with the illness. Pandora is a likable mystic but fraught with her own personal problems and hang-ups. As the situation grows ever more serious, Aunt Hannah steps in. […]

The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright by Rea Nolan Martin – A Visionary Fiction Alliance Book Review by Ellis Nelson

What if your neighbor was a saint? This was the question Rea Nolan Martin asked herself in creating this masterpiece of visionary fiction. Her main character, Vera Wright, qualifies for the senior discount but is still working as a beautician. She has a grown daughter and a teddy bear of a husband, living a normal […]

Two Tales of Visionary Fiction

By Ellis Nelson Rea Nolan Martin is an award-winning author of visionary fiction novels. She has also written numerous short stories and poetry published in national literary magazines and anthologies. Her inspirational blogs have been published in HUFFPOST and SIVANA EAST. It is my pleasure to introduce you to two of Ms. Martin’s novels. One […]

Visionary Fiction: The Call to Awakening, An Interview with Rea Nolan Martin – Part 2

This is part two of Robin Gregory’s interview with author Rea Nolan Martin. For part 1, please click here. Robin: “It is entirely possible that behind the perception of our senses, worlds are hidden of which we are unaware,” Albert Einstein said. Some of your characters have contact with non-physical beings. Can you talk about […]