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The Story Behind The Fringe Candidate W Bradford Swift

Prior to 2016, if someone asked me what my political leanings were, I probably would have said, “I’m an inactive independent and other than voting for major elections, I don’t get involved with politics. It’s just not my thing.” Then the 2016 election happened and I was shocked by the results as were many people. […]

Video Interview – W. Bradford Swift on The Fringe Candidate

Brad Swift (aka W. Bradford Swift and Orrin Jason Bradford) sold his veterinary practice in 1989 to pursue a dream to be an author and personal development coach. He and his wife were co-founders of the Life On Purpose Institute during which Swift wrote the Life On Purpose series that includes the award-nominated Life on […]

The Impact of Visionary Fiction on the Real World – W. Bradford Swift

I asked myself a question recently: Can a book of fiction make any significant difference in the real world in which we live? I didn’t get around to asking that question until after thirty years of being a professional author and having published a couple of dozen books. Still, my perspective on writing began to […]

Circle of the White Rose Part 1 – VM Franck

A Two Part Entreaty by V. M. Franck Part One – The White Rose Society Is there such a thing as pure and perfect love, and if so, how do we find it? I’ve been told that within the heart of each of us glows a white flame. When the flame expands in pure and […]

The Story Wars – Christopher Sly

“The word that can be spoken is not the true word.” – Lao Tzu In my version of the People’s Story we were all born into a guessing game in which reality is continuously poking us with the question – “What should you do?” Through both our actions and our inactions, we are continuously responding, […]