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Sex, Intimacy and Exclusivity in the Afterlife – The Mater’s Series Part 3 – VM Franck

Part Three of The Mater’s Series An Alternate View of What Comes Next Gary’s eyes were large, way too large.  As he awakened from surgery they appeared to be swollen, waterlogged marbles about to burst open.  Around the two of us the recovery room was sparse and barren.  Standing beside the gurney, I waited for […]

If You Could Bring Someone Back to Life, Would You? – The Mater’s Series Part 2 – VM Franck

Part Two of The Mater’s Series Love, Loss and Resurrection Mahogany-brown eyes gazed back at me from across the table.  Aaron’s eyes.  Sipping rosé I absorbed his soul, drawing it unto my own, hoping somehow to keep it there forever.  Shades of love wavered in from the past, shades I had known as experience transformed […]

Bring on the Crazy Women – The Mater’s Series Part 1 – VM Franck

Part One of The Mater’s Series Peering into Tenacity, Strength and Wisdom Do you miss them…the old women in your family, your friends or neighbors, the ones who withstood all life thrust at them and emerged stronger for it?  Maybe by the time you realized how much you longed to know their secrets, how they […]