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The Unseen Path – Sequel to The Unseen Blossom – Out Now

Announcing the release of The Unseen Path by Zlaikha Y. Samad and L’mere Younossi. This is the sequel to the visionary fairy tale, The Unseen Blossom, which the VFA reviewed here earlier this year. The Unseen Path follows directly from the first book and is also the concluding part. About the book – from Amazon The Unseen […]

The Unseen Blossom – A Visionary Fiction Book Review by Saleena Karim

Readers would be forgiven for thinking the book was crafted by seasoned writers. While technically written for young adults it reads like a literary novel. Descriptions of the gardens

Finding Purpose by Writing in the Shadows – Andrzej Barski

I don’t believe in coincidences. I’m much more inclined to imagine there’s a reason for things, a bigger picture. And that includes why we’re alive. It’s not a new idea, of course. Aristotle wrote that we all have purpose and the meaning of life is to try and attain that purpose. We’re still trying to […]

The Birth of a Book of Visionary Fiction – Guest Post – Barbara Ann Briggs

When my feet first touched Indian soil in 1986, I felt as if I had finally found my home. Since that time, my destiny has led me back to India time and time again, first to study sitar in Shimla, then to study Sanskrit in Varanasi and then to live here continuously from 2001 until […]

Sex, Intimacy and Exclusivity in the Afterlife – The Mater’s Series Part 3 – VM Franck

Part Three of The Mater’s Series An Alternate View of What Comes Next Gary’s eyes were large, way too large.  As he awakened from surgery they appeared to be swollen, waterlogged marbles about to burst open.  Around the two of us the recovery room was sparse and barren.  Standing beside the gurney, I waited for […]