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Reincarnation – Was Jesus of Nazareth My Big Brother? – VM Franck

“I am the little sister of Jesus,” the young Caucasian man said. Dressed in time-faded jeans, a tee shirt and Hush Puppies, he slouched on a couch in a cottage on the grounds of the Miramar Hotel. Overly thin with blondish-brown hair and wearing Superman glasses, he epitomized the look of a writing nerd. It […]

Channelling as a Method of Creating Visionary Fiction – Elizabeth Beckett

I am always reluctant to describe myself as a writer, because although I have written 7 books and published 5, I didn’t really write them. Well, I was responsible for researching the material, typing them up, and publishing them, and of course I am the sole recipient of the royalties for the books, but did […]