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Sex, Intimacy and Exclusivity in the Afterlife – The Mater’s Series Part 3 – VM Franck

Part Three of The Mater’s Series An Alternate View of What Comes Next Gary’s eyes were large, way too large.  As he awakened from surgery they appeared to be swollen, waterlogged marbles about to burst open.  Around the two of us the recovery room was sparse and barren.  Standing beside the gurney, I waited for […]

Circle of the White Rose Part 2 – VM Franck

A Two Part Entreaty by V. M. Franck Part Two – My Entrance into the Circle of the White Rose Do high beings exist or is it wishful thinking? It’s comforting to think so, but I really don’t know. I can prove nothing. No one can, no matter how certain they are of their beliefs. […]