Iris Chinook

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Iris Chinook grew up along the front range of the Rocky Mountains, just north of Boulder, Colorado in the U.S. After graduating from Boulder High School and Colorado State University, where she earned a degree in horticulture, she spent 47 years in an array of customer services jobs, from greenhouse retail sales, to shipping hand-made papers from all over the world, to coordinating projects for a multi-national, bio-pharmaceutical company in Seattle, Washington. The sense of service she gained from this work permeates her intent and her writing. She strives to write fiction that inspires people to imagine a better world.

The Water Singers is her first novella, published by Flower Fish Press, in the spring of 2020. She also writes human interest stories for her local, independent community newspapers, the Illinois Valley News and the Rogue Valley Independent.

Also an accomplished textile artisan, she lives with her husband along the banks of Hathkapasuta (the Illinois River) in southern Oregon, where she hand-spins, knits, and weaves to create one-of-a-kind clothing in the spirit of the “slow clothes” movement.

She loves feedback on how her stories are doing out in the real world.