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The Glossary as Editing Tool – Gerald R Stanek

Editing is deconstruction and reduction; it’s creation by negation. It’s a completely different skill from the invention of story. Yet the modern author is expected to be their own editor. We must pick apart what we have spent months painstakingly assembling and say…no, never mind—not this, not that, this sentence is good, that one is […]

Clarity in Visionary Fiction – Gerald R Stanek

A friend recently recommended I check out Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style, which I took as a not-so-subtle hint about my writing. This didn’t surprise me; clarity is one of the biggest problems facing any author. Despite the renown directive “write what you know”, we writers, being at least as […]

Rosa Mundi by Gerald R. Stanek (Excerpt)

PROLOGUE Sunlight beamed in through the window, illuminating a slowly drifting universe of dust specks that otherwise would have remained entirely invisible. Margarethe watched them pass, these tiny motes and mites. Most were falling, to be ground indistinguishably into the dirt floor, but some were carried upward through the light and beyond. Margarethe thought how […]

The Benefits of Being a Visionary Fiction Fan in Trying Times – Gerald R. Stanek

Remember when you freaked out because your Mom washed your lucky shirt just before the big game? You swore at her, maybe said you wished you had a different mother. Of course it wasn’t about the shirt at all, you were afraid of losing the game. Your mom knew that, and loved you anyway. Maybe […]