Visionary Fiction and Truth

By Elizabeth Beckett, author and mystic

Author of A Memory of Flight, I Am Celtic, Lucifer and The Book of Life


 The most frequently asked question that I receive from readers is: Is your work fact or fiction? How much of it is your own imagination? What they are really asking me is whether they should be taking my work seriously or not. As a visionary fiction writer I can’t very well respond that it actually doesn’t matter if what you read is fact or fiction – it’s the impact that it has on your consciousness that matters.

My books are exhaustively researched, both through traveling and by doing extensive desk research. They are years in the imagining, and then in the making, and finally they are all subject to rigourous rounds of editing, proofreading, and design. But the books are not referenced, there are no bibliographies, and they could never withstand true academic or scientific questioning. I cannot prove anything that I write, but then I doubt that anybody could disprove my work either.

This to me is the realm of visionary fiction. It is the realm of what we ‘know’ to be true at a gut and a soul level, but could never defend in absolute terms. Does it make it any less of a reality? No, because our realities exist only temporarily until a new one replaces them. Reality is ever-changing and subjective. It is an evolving concept.

This is the fluidity of truth. Truth is relative. It depends where you are standing, and when. A thousand different versions of one story can all be right. So how do we make sense of it all? By finding your own truth – what resonates with you and you feel implicitly to be on your frequency. Some people think that my books are astounding, and others think that they are rubbish. But I must persevere for the readers whose personal truth frequencies are attuned with what I write, because that is powerful.

My work is unconventional. I bust-up old, outdated myths and replace them with a revolutionary view of what cosmic evolution is really about. Am I right or am I wrong in what I write? Who knows. To me, my books are factual. I channel the information in from what I believe to be higher realms of consciousness. However, in the very process of being a human conduit, the work could be skewed before it even reaches the page. So within visionary fiction, at the same time that intellectual discretion is important so is heart-level acceptance. When you read something that pulls a positive or negative chord in you, ask yourself: Do I feel this to be my truth at this time? Perhaps you do, but there are bits and pieces of it that you can’t help analyzing. That is ok. You can accept something that you don’t completely understand. Perhaps the writer (that’s me) is mostly on track but not entirely. Their work might be a stepping stone towards a more holistic truth that you are seeking. No one has all of the answers. There is no panacea to attaining consciousness. The age of gurus is over. You need to decide what fits into your evolving consciousness and what does not. As visionary authors, we are merely presenting concepts like mirrors that will either turn you towards or away from a particular path to enlightenment.


(Sun behind felucca sail on the river Nile.)

Universal truth is like an essence that exists in every place and at every time. When we try to pin it down we distort it simply by trying to make a multidimensional thing into a two- or three-dimensional thing. Universal truth is omnipotent and omnipresent and we cannot impose limits upon it, or even adequately describe it. This eternal truth exists within each of us – a part of universal truth but also our own special perspective of reality. Truth is best measured through the heart-center, rather than the mind, because it is more of a feeling, or an energetic state, than a fixed set of norms and concepts.

This applies to visionary books as well, specifically mine. If certain books or sections of books do not resonate with you or they make you feel fear, then it is generally one of two things. Either that is exactly the part of yourself you need to work on, or it is not for you, or not for you at a specific time. You are not in alignment or agreement with it. Good for you. You decide. I put out – you digest with discretion.

As long as you are filtering information and experience through your heart then you are succeeding. It is you and only you that knows your truth at any point in time. Do allow this truth to evolve and be a channel for spiritual ascension. But do not compromise yourself on a daily basis to fit in with other people’s reality. You are you – uniquely you.

As a visionary fiction writer I seek to get people into this channel of consciousness, in which they are authentically powerful in their own truth. I am inspired by the fires of my own spiritual consciousness to share important parts of my perspective of universal truth, and trust that my words will find the right people and serve the greater good.

HathorAuthor Bio: Elizabeth Beckett is an author and a mystic whose visionary and metaphysical books reveal deep and ancient truths about life. From the origin of humanity, through lost civilizations and continents, to the celestial realms, Elizabeth recreates history with spiritual poignancy and introduces startling new realities.

Elizabeth has been writing and publishing since 2010, although she began scribbling and researching in 2006. She draws inspiration from her own spiritual quest as well as from an affinity to the human journey of soul consciousness and planetary evolution.

Elizabeth is not comfortable with having a public image and the photo used in profiles is of a Hathor from one of the Egyptian temples.

Her books are available on Amazon.

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5 Responses to Visionary Fiction and Truth

  1. Great essay, Elizabeth! I especially like the idea of not reducing a larger, more dimensional truth into a 3-dimensional half-truth (my interpretation). A physician friend of mine whom I recently coached through a cancer scare, said, "Well, I know something amazing happened here–even my oncologist says she has no idea how that lesion ended up benign–but I'm a scientist. So I have to know exactly what happened." I told her I was very much a scientist too, but that my science saw her disease as a multi-dimensional matrix of energetic causes that could not be fully healed in the physical dimension alone. People like to lump that kind of talk/practice into the category of Faith. But as we come to understand new levels of awareness and causality–Faith becomes less nebulous and more scientific. There is much truth in Visionary Fiction. I look forward to reading yours


    • Elizabeth Beckett says:

      Thank you (everybody) – amazingly I am currently working on a book whose focus is the quantum field and faith is a big theme! And yes, I had to read a lot of cosmology and sciencey books to help me understand universal consciousness for this book…


  2. Your description of the kid of researching and imagining you do for each of your books struck a strong cord with me. I agree with you and Rea about the science end of things. Maharishi, my first meditation teacher, always talked about the mechanics of meditation and consciousness–how it all works. We are growing in our understanding of how the universe is put together.

    P.S., Now you've added to my reading list. Your books sound delightful.


  3. Elizabeth, I couldn't agree more with your statement – "actually doesn’t matter if what you read is fact or fiction – it’s the impact that it has on your consciousness that matters." Bringing readers along in our stories in order for them to discover their own truth and awareness is what good VF is all about!


  4. Margaret Duarte says:

    Very well said, Elizabeth. I felt especially drawn to the following two statements: "It is the realm of what we ‘know’ to be true at a gut and a soul level, but could never defend in absolute terms."

    "Truth is best measured through the heart-center, rather than the mind, because it is more of a feeling, or an energetic state, than a fixed set of norms and concepts."

    Thanks so much for your contribution to the VFA!


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