Build Your Own Author Website – Step 10: Book-Snapper Author Theme

Book-Snapper Author WebsiteIt seems with each post I write in the Build Your Own Author Website series, the road parts like Robert Frost’s two roads diverging in a yellow wood. And, believe me, when it comes to the selecting the theme for your author website, the road you choose will make all the difference.

There are many excellent author themes available. Maybe you’ve already picked one you like. I happened to select the Book-Snapper theme for my author website and will, therefore, use it to demonstrate the next steps in the series.

In addition to what I shared in Step Nine about the Book-Snapper, here are some of the reasons its creators suggest you consider their theme.

Marketing using the Book-Snapper Author Theme

Publishing — especially self-publishing — often takes authors out of their comfort zone because it requires so much more than a natural gift for framing new worlds and imparting fresh insights with words.

On top of the challenging labor of crafting their creative works, authors must be prepared to shift gears to the much more hostile arena of promotion and marketing.

While no one can make the task of writing easier for you, marketing your literary works digitally can be simplified with the right tools.

The Book-Snapper author theme is one such tool.

No solution is perfect, but you would be hard pressed to find a more practical theme for marketing your books because, unlike most other WordPress themes on the market, it has been specifically designed and built with authors and book selling in mind.

Book-Snapper Reasons to choose the Book-Snapper Author Theme

Here are some swing-factors that have swayed many authors to choose the Book-Snapper WordPress theme.

  • Book-Snapper leads with an attention-grabbing banner section. Whatever theme you settle on, you can rest assured that capturing your reader’s eye and imagination with a dominant image is priceless. It may in fact be the only thing that convinces visitors to spend the extra seconds it takes to draw them to your opening paragraphs.
  • Book-Snapper’s banner provides your readers with the opportunity to subscribe to your mailing-list. Garnering a list of interested readers provides you with a platform for invaluable feedback from your audience, marketing opportunities for future titles, relationship building and so much more.
  • When combined with the Book-Snapper’s tabbed presentation of all of your social media profiles in one place (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Good Reads and many more), your website serves as a hub for each spoke of your roll-out marketing wheel.
  • The modular homepage layout includes sections for testimonials, a book-trailer video, a contact form, your other books, your author bio and more.
  • But as exciting as it is to have an attractive and functional website theme, there may be an even more critical component when it comes to marketing your work on the Internet: understanding how to use it. It’s true that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Accordingly, your copy of the Book-Snapper WordPress theme comes with a very powerful but easy to use Options Panel that makes adding, removing or even rearranging the various homepage modules as easy as dragging-and-dropping the various sections where you want them to appear. Simply select one of more than a dozen integrated color schemes (or easily use your own) upload your logo and book covers, write a few short paragraphs about yourself and your book and you’re done.
  • Your website will look great on everything from your desktop computer, to your mobile phone and everything in-between because it features a fully-responsive layout that configures itself to any screen size.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the Book-Snapper theme is deliberately focused on the task of selling. It’s laced with strategically placed buttons always encouraging your readers to click through to your amazon profile page or directly to your vendor page where your works are on sale. Taken together, these features provide the self-published author with a well-balanced launching pad for their literary endeavors.

If you’d like to purchase Book-Snapper at the special half price offer of $18.95 created especially for my readers (using the DUARTE coupon code), click on the the Book-Snapper image below.

Book-Snapper Author Website

Then join me in my next post, where we create a banner/header for your new website.



About Margaret Duarte

Although warned by agents and publishers that labeling her work Visionary Fiction was the “kiss of death,” Margaret Duarte refused to concede. “In a world riddled with fear, misunderstanding, and lost hope,” she says, “I believe there are people prepared to transcend the boundaries of their five senses and open to new thoughts and ideas. The audience is ready for fiction that heals, empowers, and bridges differences.” Margaret joined forces with other visionary fiction writers to create the Visionary Fiction Alliance, a website dedicated to bringing visionary fiction into the mainstream and providing visionary fiction writers with a place to call home. In 2015, Margaret published BETWEEN WILL AND SURRENDER, book one of her "Enter the Between" visionary fiction series, followed by book two, BETWEEN DARKNESS AND DAWN, in 2017. Through her novels, which synthesize heart and mind, science and spirituality, Margaret encourages readers to activate their gifts, retire their excuses, and stand in their own authority. Margaret is a former middle school teacher and lives on a California dairy farm with her family and a herd of "happy cows," a constant reminder that the greenest pastures are closest to home.
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  1. Wow! How long will this discount coupon be active? I’d like to redesign, but in January.


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  2. Indefinitely, as far as I know, Theresa. I use Book-Snapper on my website, which you can check out here:


  3. Thank you for all your work on this series, Margaret. Had not been following it that closely, but now that I am planning to transfer my site from an expensive (per month) supplier, I am culling it for details to save time. Have my fingers crossed that you might do a section on moving a site from one host to the other like we did with the VFA at the end of last year. Would be a great refresher.


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    • I’m hoping that this series will help other VFA members as they need it, Victor. As far as moving a site from one host to another, when I contacted the authors of Book-Snapper, they helped me do this. Actually, this was transferring a WordPress site to a WordPress site, just changing the Theme. Transferring all my blog posts from my Blogger website was more complicated and I was lucky enough to have a “techie” friend help me out here.


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