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We are living at a crucial moment in the advancement of humanity. Everything is in flux. Materialism and reliance upon ever more sophisticated technology has reached unprecedented extremes, while in parallel a new yearning for purpose and a path to attainment is swiftly gaining ground.

Visual and literary visionary creators have a key role to play at this time. For by our very nature, we instinctively see beyond the apparent veil that separates our “material” reality from the infinite realities in which we move and have our being.

As visionaries, we cannot – and must not – ignore the growing rapprochement between the latest developments in quantum physics and the enlightenment sought by mystics.

The implications of the common ground between these two disciplines allow us to put forward the following Visionary Writers’ credo:

  • EXISTENCE plays out on limitless numbers of parallel TIMELINES.
  • VISIONARY insight empowers us to alter the makeup of our single NOW.
  • In turn, WORLDVIEWS shift and we gain greater control over DESTINY.
  • Our PURPOSE is to SHARE these visions by forging PARALLEL REALITIES.
  • To trigger varying degrees of KNOWING among our AUDIENCES.
  • Thus contributing to RAISING AWARENESS and ushering in the NEW PARADIGM.

All of this means that we, as visionary writers, have a particular responsibility in these transitional times. We are writers with a mission and can make a very real contribution to heightening collective consciousness wherever our works may “happen” to be read or heard.

Shaping our own destiny

Since we all share this huge responsibility, we must also learn how to “jump” the timelines and steer ourselves into the parallel universe where our visions are able to fulfil their purpose. This tends to be rather easier for us as we are going with the flow of the paradigm shift rather than being hung up on fatalistic, materialist worldviews and nihilist notions such as “you only live once”.  

Visionary visualisation

We have a further advantage. Our craft is actually built upon creating other realities. So if we can spend so much time doing this, the least we can do is visualise, project and create a new reality for ourselves! One in which we are enabled to do what we came here to do in our current lifetimes.

Reading the signs

Since our purpose is in line with the shift, we can expect to be given “signs” when we are on the right path. These synchronistic events can assume many forms, from apparently minor “coincidences” (such as thinking of a particular phrase and then hearing the same words coming from the radio seconds later) to genuinely life-changing events. For example, meeting a key person at a pivotal moment, being “inspired” to do a particular thing at a particular time that subsequently turns out to have been a decisive development in our own personal “storyline”.

Needless to say, most of these principles also apply to Visionary and Inspirational non-fiction, since authors of these books are also working towards the same goal of helping the Paradigm Shift to become the new norm.

We must never forget that absolutely nothing happens by chance. We ARE the architects of our own destiny as we fulfil our purpose to transmit our visionary insight to those who urgently need it in this instant of the eternal NOW.

Putting the “Credo” into action

Without going into any great detail of the mechanics behind the happenings of the past six months (the apotheosis of a visionary project initiated in 1974), it could be interesting to examine how events during that time have “played out” in a timeline that looks as if it were all set to fulfil a much higher purpose.

It is now less than six months since the “Zandernatis Trinity” in its “Three In One” edition entitled Genesis Antarctica (GA) was published. Three months after that, the final updates of print and Kindle editions were completed, and we could say “It’s finally finished”. This 750 page combined volume is a reworking of an unpublished 1974 epic based on the discovery of ancient texts under the Antarctic ice in 1962, proving the existence of a pre-glacial civilisation that was the source of our most ancient legends and religious myths.

In the course of the following three months, a great deal has happened. Just as if a predetermined storyline were being followed to put everything into place for GA to accomplish its visionary purpose.

This 50 year personal storyline covers promising beginnings as a visionary artist, encounters with two founder members of the Dutch meta-realist movement (Johfra Bosschart and Ellen Lorien) and the decision to “paint with words” rather than with oils and brushes. Then followed 40 years to hone the skills of writing professionally until the reworking of Zandernatis began in 2013, resulting in the creation of a new literary genre, the “meta-realist allegory” which is “as real as you need it to be”.

A whole series of synchronistic events and their consequences kicked in almost immediately, many of which had obviously been “lined up” for years (in our conventional universe).

Everything came to fruition within three short months. They include an inspiring website: www.genesis-antarctica.com, thanks to a truly visionary team who were contacted “by chance” within days of the “final” edition appearing. They are themselves visionaries and felt Genesis Antarctica was the kind of project they had been preparing for. Their own site www.el11even.com clearly shows where they are coming from and their sense of mission which is totally in line with the principles described in the “Credo” published in the first part of this article (GA is even featured at the top of their homepage!!!). This is further demonstrated by the stunning Book Trailer they developed, the traffic of “seekers” they have driven to the site and the sales they have generated. The full scope of their many skills are described on their “agency” webpages.

Another major development during this period has been the recording of a complete audiobook version of GA by two former Royal Shakespeare Company players: Bill Homewood and Estelle Kohler. Bill has already recorded over 40 classics, including Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables (65 hours of recording!), Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and Ryder Haggard’s “documented” adventures. This was another “synchronistic” opportunity born from a “chance” encounter three years ago. Videos featuring samples from the audiobook are available on the GA site’s articles and videos page. This comes at a very “propitious” time on a market that is expanding in leaps and bounds. Read this Wall Street Journal article published on 21 July 2016 for more details. Information all visionary writers should consider carefully! It is also worth knowing that you can now market audiobooks via Authors Republic, a site enabling authors living anywhere in the world to be listed on Audible, Amazon and iTunes plus up to 20 other audiobook sites (Barnes and Noble, audiobook.com, etc.).


If we are all consumed by a passion for writing visionary fiction, there is a purpose. If the VFA exists, it also serves a very important purpose: reminding us we are not alone and that we are all contributing to one of the greatest changes ever experienced by any civilization.

Now, it’s just a question of making sure we “jump” to the right timeline.

And keep following it!

Editor’s note: This is a video version of the above article – recommended viewing!

About the author

Gordon Keirle-Smith currently lives in Nîmes, in the south of France. He was a successful visionary artist in the late 1960s, when his studio was located in a famous London West End theatre, and he regularly exhibited and sold his work in a top Cork Street gallery. He moved to France in the early 70s and put all the paintings he would never have time to complete into a book, which became the first version of Zandernatis in 1974. He then worked in tourism, headed a Paris language school’s team of 40 teachers, coached top advertising executives in communications skills, won the Toastmaster’s European Speechmaking Championship twice, contributed articles to house magazines for market-leading companies (e.g. Oracle and GDF SUEZ) wrote advertising copy for major international brands (Air France, L’Oreal, Renault, Heineken, Delsey, etc.), founded and managed his own highly successful marketing transcreation agency. All of this experience was applied to reworking the original version of Zandernatis and developing its “meta-realist” aspect with the aim of creating a new kind of reading experience.
To see more of Gordon’s work, visit genesis-antarctica.com and zandernatis.com



20 thoughts on “Our Visionary Responsibility – Gordon Keirle-Smith

  1. Saleena Karim says:

    Gordon, Thanks very much for sharing your experiences and thoughts on the ‘visionary’. I am particularly intrigued by the development of the ‘meta-realist allegory’ – which resonates with my own personal experience of the power of ‘story’. I once told another writer that developing my own fiction and its characters had amounted to having to ‘remember’ them. But your belief that it really is as real as you need it to be is awe-inspiring.

    And I loved your video, btw! The 3D rendition of outer space is amazing.

    • Gordon Keirle-Smith says:

      Thanks Saleena. I love your idea of “remembering” your fiction and its characters. That really is it! People often say things like “Oh, you’re so imaginative…” But it isn’t that at all, as you say. It’s just a question of having a good memory… or rather allowing yourself to remember what you have always known.

  2. Victor Smith says:

    Fascinating exposition of your work, Gordon, and thanks much for sharing it with us, the VFA audience. Worth every minute spent with your trailers and googling the evidence of your works on line. Genesis Antarctica sounds like a massive labor of genius, imagination and compassion. I look forward to being able to indulge in your parallel universe in the near future. The words and images in the video above could well serve as a “ad” for visionary fiction” as a genre. Thank you for getting that done.

    • Gordon Keirle-Smith says:

      So glad you like the video. The aim certainly is for it to create an atmosphere in which visionary writing comes into its own, with all the mystery, all the longing, all the “what ifs…?” Let’s hope it can make a small contribution to attracting more people to our wonderful mind-expanding genre!

  3. John M Wenitong says:

    I couldn’t agree more Gordon and in fact, in a very timely and practical demonstration of my own visionary work, I saw a recent news article regarding an asteroid that may come far too close to our planet. In a parallel vision, the 10th and final book of my own indigenous Australian fiction series, has an asteroid almost touching our Moon before being flung back into the void, which has disastrous consequences for the fantasy world we have built for ourselves here on our incredible floating planet. All my works are flavoured by the concept that we are the incredible aliens we are hoping and searching for in our mysterious universe…

  4. margaretduarte says:

    Gordon, the video version of your post is absolutely breathtaking and describes what we do as visionary fiction writers in a way that not only draws the reader in visually, but also mentally and emotionally. I also checked out your website, which is equally breathtaking. I’m off to Amazon to purchase one of your novels with high expectations. Thank you for your contribution to the VFA.

  5. Jodine Turner says:

    Yes, indeed, your video is genius, Gordon. It explains a lot of what visionaries from all disciplines seek to inspire – to raise consciousness amongst the people they come in contact with. Our visionary writing is just that.

    • Gordon Keirle-Smith says:

      Inspiration is what it’s all about. If we can bring a little of that to our clouded, confused world (for many) we will have done what we came here to do… And thanks to the VFA we know we’re not alone!

  6. Robin says:

    What a beautiful and exciting post. I’ve been sharing the link to this site with literary awards contest who do not include Visionary fiction in their categories. I hope they read this! GENESIS ANTARCTICA looks like an amazingly thoughtful and inspiring project. The Credo really speaks to me. There is only one thing I take a little exception to: “reality is an illusion.” This seems too general to me. Would it be better said as “material reality is an illusion” ? Thank you for all you are doing to help humanity wake up.

    • Gordon Keirle-Smith says:

      You could have a point about being too inclusive by just saying “(all) reality is an illusion”. However, it could also be argued that “material” reality only refers to one dimension… Surely there are just as many “illusions” as there are levels of reality? There again, readers might find it easier to relate to the statement if “material” were added… Have to ponder a bit more about that…

  7. SW Hammond says:

    Curiouser and curiouser–this whole “timing” and “coincidence” thing, haha. Thank you very much, Gordon. I can’t wait to discover Genesis Antartica.

    Seems Ananke might be up to something…


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