The Vision: A Novel of Time and Consciousness by Stephan Schwartz – A Visionary Fiction Alliance Book Review by Victor Smith

Fiction can be an effective teacher

I am an avid reader of Stephan Schwartz’s non-fiction and I follow his opinions on what is newsworthy in his SchwartzReport, which consistently promotes human well being. I also enjoyed his earlier novel, Awakening; so his latest, The Vision: A Novel of Time and Consciousness, was a must-read, which I raced through in a couple of days.

If I have any criticism, it is that it was too short; I wanted more. Especially more about the use of remote viewing as a practical method of resolving situations too difficult to solve with ordinary means of detection on our technically sophisticated modern society. And not just phenomenal events, like the planting of a nuclear bomb in Washington, DC.

What we call paranormal today will be tomorrow’s normal. The circle of scientists, researchers, and writers, of which I know this author is a part, have much to contribute towards the resolution of today’s problems. Sort of spoon-feeding it to a resistive public through story, through fiction, is a clever form of instruction. As this book illustrates, some lessons are better learned before they play out in fact.


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