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Time Blade – Latest Release in AJI Series – P. Christina Greenaway

Visionary Fiction author Christina Greenaway has just published her third novel — Time Blade: Age of Jeweled Intelligence, the second book in the AJI series. Time is the mastermind that overseas human evolution. In order to escape disasters that could destroy the planet and mankind, one person is entrusted to carry Time Blade, a weapon […]

Reincarnation – Was Jesus of Nazareth My Big Brother? – VM Franck

“I am the little sister of Jesus,” the young Caucasian man said. Dressed in time-faded jeans, a tee shirt and Hush Puppies, he slouched on a couch in a cottage on the grounds of the Miramar Hotel. Overly thin with blondish-brown hair and wearing Superman glasses, he epitomized the look of a writing nerd. It […]

How I Became Inspired to Write a Visionary Fantasy Series – Stella Brians

New England Inspiration I grew up in Norwich, which is a little town in Connecticut rich in beauty and in history. Old buildings lined most streets, and are still used as existing businesses. The Norwich Post Office was built in 1905, in the Classical Revival design. I attended Norwich Free Academy, a high school mainly […]

The Wounded Healer: the Greek Myth of Human Evolution

Multi-faceted visionary craftsman Esme Ellis has been a supporter and contributor to the Visionary Fiction Alliance almost from its inception. She has written four books; Pathway Into Sunrise, Clea and the Fifth Dimension, This Strange and Precious Thing, and Dreaming Worlds Awake. Here are some of her musings amidst samples of her visionary art.

Reincarnation as an Element in Visionary Fiction: Part 3

There is sufficient evidence to hypothesize that reincarnation is real—whether one believes in it or not. In other words, once we enter the human zone between the material and spiritual universes, we don’t get to exit without a diploma. It’s either mastery of the human condition or repeat until you get it right.