Interviewing Jesus: The Man by David Collis – A Visionary Fiction Alliance Book Review by Victor Smith

A heart-to-heart talk with a very human Jesus

David Collis’s work, Interviewing Jesus: The Man, is a work of scholarship, imagination and, might I say, of personal love and affection for his subject. As a writer and novelist who has worked for decades in the milieu of “alternate” biblical history and meaning, I sensed David did his homework for this book, not with the intent of complete historical or theological accuracy (those who have plowed this field for long enough have discovered there is no such thing), but to reach deep and draw the essential juices from the story of Jesus as presented in the Gospels, mistakes and all.

I found his dialog format largely effective although I did subtract a star because it became mildly repetitive in a book of this length, and I sometimes felt that questioner (the author) and answerer (Jesus) were not sufficiently differentiated in places–a bit more “conflict” would have been interesting. Picky? Yes.

Highly recommended for those who want to have a personal experience with a very human Jesus. An experience that will be highly transformative nonetheless. Thank you, David, for this work.


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