Climb the Stairway with Visionary Fiction – guest post by William Moore

Visionary Fiction gives us a stairway upon which we can climb and express what we know deep within. When we look at great works of art, it is as if they are reflections of higher worlds, higher dimensions. Artists paint upon a canvas, writers write upon a page, but at the top of the stairway we paint in Light upon the universe and we write in words of Light upon the universe. As we look up we see the vision, we reach into our souls and we can connect to that place, that reality.

Francis Bacon (22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626), an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, author and concealed poet, said, “All rising to great place is by a winding stair.” Today we say, “What was that guy talkin’ about?” But Francis was a very great visionary, and he understood how we evolve.

We can think of good vs. evil in terms of an upward spiral or a downward spiral, a good choice or a bad choice, the truth or a deception. There is only one power source in the universe and it allows downward spirals and wrong choices because it honors free will in the hopes that we will learn to always fight to spiral up and propel the Light and defend the Light and love the Light.  Energy returns to its source and its source is perfection, and we have to reach up to return to our source and come home.

But why fight to spiral up? Is it worth it? What will we find at the top of that stairway? Will we get to the top and find yet another stairway to climb? Ah, the climb is never monotonous any more than our fractal, holographic universe is monotonous, any more than “As above, so below” is monotonous. It is going around in circles that is monotonous. When we are climbing the spiral we are growing, we are filled with wonder and inspiration, we are resonating with heaven itself, we are reaching a greater potential, we are becoming co-creators.

Nicola Tesla said, “To create and to annihilate material substances, causing them to aggregate in forms according to his desire, would be the supreme manifestation of the power of Man’s mind. His most complete triumph over the physical world.” In other words, man would be a creator. But mankind is male and female, Divinity is male and female, and when man and woman are united in love and balance they reflect their creator and resonate with their creator and they co-create the spiral together.

In a novel of Visionary Fiction written by William and Emma Moore called “The Heart Chasers, A Tale of Twin Flames,” we see how they co-create the spiral together, we see the freedom of expression that Visionary Fiction provides. Here we have the opening scene:

Meg slept well most nights. Her regular bedtime was 10:30 and she usually got up at 6:00. That night was different. She was awakened at 2:00 a.m. by a dream. A beautiful being of Light was standing over her. She couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman. No matter. Light radiated from all sides of the being. The luminous face was full of love and it wore robes that were as brilliant as sunshine mirrored on snow. The voice was calm and soothing, but the words it spoke were a command. “You must wake up. Go downstairs. Look in his briefcase.”

Visionary Fiction doesn’t force a point of view or coerce the reader to believe or accept; it is a story and it transports the reader to another realm, like a journey with Peter and Wendy to Neverland. Does it exist? Is it only imaginary, or if you can imagine it do you link to it somewhere? In the The Heart Chasers, Meg sees the top of the stairway as represented by the Being of Light, and she must follow her heart in order to climb.

Sometimes fact and fiction rival each other for sheer wonder. It is an astronomical fact that Venus orbits 13 times around the sun as Earth orbits 8 times, creating a beautiful orbital resonance and tracing out a pentagram in the night sky (See this article). But there is a spiritual and causative side to this phenomenon, and Visionary Fiction allows us to open that door and peek into those spiritual realms from whence we came so we have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth. One glimpse of the beauty of the higher dimensions has the power to propel the soul, and Visionary Fiction allows us to give the complete story, to provide both sides, and thus the story is filled with fire and power and gives insight into what motivates the soul to climb that stairway. In The Heart Chasers, we follow Michael’s visionary journey as he climbs the stairway into the higher dimensions:

He found himself several hundred miles above the Earth. Even though he could see the planet in great detail, he was standing in a beautiful, translucent meadow, with waterfalls and nature spirits all around. As he looked at the trees along the streams, he realized that they were aware of him, that they were looking at him also. All of nature was aware of his presence, and a feeling of joy and peace was everywhere…

In this story’s example, Meg and Michael are each on their own stairway. Through the vehicle of Visionary Fiction, Meg gets her preview in the Palace of Twin Flames as a spiritual being guides her through a beautiful mansion adorned with portraits of happy couples:

Her guide led her to a portrait in a little cove to the right of a massive staircase. In there she saw a portrait of herself with a man. She was seated on a chair and had a radiant smile. In that picture Meg was blissfully happy, released from all of her earthly burdens and worries. The man stood behind her with his hand on her shoulder. His vibration was soothing, but his face was not visible while her guide stood in the way. Meg kept jumping to the left and to the right, trying to see around the guide, but he was too quick for her. He lifted his hand slowly, making a smooth motion and a shadow came over the man’s face. It was meant to be hidden from her.

Visionary fiction gives us an avenue to describe such a scene, and it also gives us wholeness. When the Visionary Fiction author brings down his or her story, all benefit from the creative effort, all are given the opportunity to connect and travel to that place and discover a higher realm, a higher truth. “What is truth?” Pilate asked. Truth is that which is more beautiful than we can ever imagine, and the truth is what Visionary Fiction is reaching for. We use our imagination, that image generator within that illustrates what we feel and know, and as we do, we rise to that great place.



William Moore co-authored “The Heart Chasers” with his beautiful wife Emma. She is his foundation and his inspiration and he loves her with all his heart. William has a B.S. in Computer Science, an M.S. in Computer Information Systems, and he is a software engineer. But he thinks of his career as what he’s been doing to make a living while he works at “figuring it all out” and finding out what he wants to do when he grows up. He used to be a cyclist before he had one too many crashes and hung up his spurs, and he used to play classical guitar but sacrificed that interest for other endeavors. He likes yoga and hiking and beautiful music and fairy tales and doing stuff with his wife.

The Heart Chasers



6 thoughts on “Climb the Stairway with Visionary Fiction – guest post by William Moore

  1. Jodine Turner says:

    Thank you, William!! I agree – VF allows the reader to travel to a place in imagination where consciousness can evolve. I like how you say fact and fiction rival each other for sheer wonder. So true, especially when we integrate some of our own mysterious inspirational experiences into our VF stories!

  2. Robin says:

    I love the passage of nature being aware of your character. In my last novel, there is a moment where my protagonist looks out at the night sky and gets the feeling the stars and planets are looking at him! And I love this: “All rising to great place is by a winding stair.” Thank you for a beautiful post, William.

  3. reanolanmartin says:

    Thanks for this lovely post! It is such an honor to be among and have access to you and our other visionary members. Each of our truths build collectively and open the door for others to transform.

  4. Victor Smith says:

    Thanks, William and Emma. Sounds like Heart Chasers allows that soft and lovely romanticism, a la the Lake poets or the Transcendentalists, still has a place in Visionary Fiction. Plenty of grace to go with the otherwise essential grit.


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