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The Unseen Blossom – A Visionary Fiction Book Review by Saleena Karim

Readers would be forgiven for thinking the book was crafted by seasoned writers. While technically written for young adults it reads like a literary novel. Descriptions of the gardens

Are Fairy Tales Turning Visionary?

Editor’s note: This article (slightly edited here) was originally published at the VFA in November 2014, before the sequels to either Disney’s Maleficent or Frozen were made. Although visionary fiction often has magical and fantasy elements in common with the fairy tales of old, the two differ in some fundamental respects. The themes of the conventional fairy […]

Excellent! The Lighter Side of Visionary Fiction

One of Keanu Reeves’ best known movie franchises is also an unacknowledged visionary tale. Its heroes are thoroughly ordinary individuals who learn they are destined to change the future of humanity. The story touches on human potential, defeating a materialist and meaningless existence (as symbolised in a battle against artificial intelligence), and overcoming death. But […]

Visionary Fiction Alliance ranks in a Top Blogs list

We are pleased to announce that the VFA blog has just been listed in the Top 50 Fiction Blogs and Websites for Fiction Book Readers and Authors, at the content reader website Feedspot. The VFA is currently ranked number 27, and the list is updated once a week. 0

Is All Social Commentary Visionary Fiction?

By Saleena Karim Science fiction has long been the genre of choice for social commentary. By breaking away from the everyday real world and presenting alternative realities, it offers a safe haven for making statements on controversial or otherwise sensitive topics. Unsurprisingly, as a speculative fiction type, sci-fi is also a favourite genre choice for […]