Writing Realities Part 2 – Drew Fisher

This is the second and final part of this two-part article. For the first part, click here.

In May 2017, my cousin—a now-retired former chief editor for Reader’s Digest—coached me toward a wonderful self-publishing service offered by Amazon.com called CreateSpace. By the end of the year all three novels of the Osiris Plan trilogy were up and available on Amazon.

The Osiris Plan trilogyThe story that I chose to tell is based on several premises that are accepted fact in my personal reality, such as: the existence of a Spiritual world and; Creation as a realization or acting out of the Universal Consciousness. We are all a part of that Universal consciousness and, therefore, an active and viable part and contributor to Creation (whether we “know it” or not). We are inspired or, more correctly, inspirited by individuated perspectives of consciousness that some choose to call “souls” or “spiritual beings” or “monads” or “light beings” or whatever. What people ”forget” is that these spiritual beings are also part of an illusory or made-up version of reality (“Creation”) analogous to the writers, directors, funders, and builders of a play, while the players or actors are, in fact, the “spirit”-inspired, or ensouled, human beings playing out the stories on the four-dimensional surface of the “stage” we call planet Earth.

Another underlying premise in my story—in my personal reality—is that there are infinite versions/variations of what we like to call “reality” playing out in our universe and other universes and (for us) unimaginable other dimensionalities all at the same time. The Formless God’s Imagination being projected out into “Form.” It’s … Continue reading

Writing Realities Part 1 – Drew Fisher

My name is Drew Fisher. I came to planet Earth, this time, in 1958, the last year of the “post war baby boom.” This was the year of Barbie, the hula hoop, the first US satellite launches and the formation of NASA, the post-Korean War recession, the Lituya Bay (SE Alaska) mega-tsunami, the first nuclear powered naval vessel, the USS Nautilus, Elvis in the US Army, an Academy Award to the film, The Bridge on the River Kwai, publication of Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel, Lolita, “Volare” and Ricky Nelson topping the music scene, and the formation of the John Birch Society. I was born in the summer that brought us Prince, Rick Santorum, Annette Bening, Kevin Bacon, Kate Bush, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tim Burton, Jeff Foxworthy, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

I was born into a bloodline of relatively affluent families in the affluent suburb of Grosse Pointe, Michigan. My parents’ families had both had significant and prominent roles in both the proliferation of the US and world automobile industries as well as in the success of the US military in World War II. As a young boy I became aware of the discrepancies between the so-called “haves” and “have nots” as the 1967 race riots in Detroit occurred only a couple of miles from my home. This rather rude awakening from my heretofore “blissful” childhood of ignorance and innocence led me to begin questioning my “right” to all of the privileges and rights that my circumstances of birth afforded me. Thus began a lifelong pursuit of “just desserts”—i.e. receiving what was due to me, what I had earned, not … Continue reading

Our Visionary Responsibility – Gordon Keirle-Smith

We are living at a crucial moment in the advancement of humanity. Everything is in flux. Materialism and reliance upon ever more sophisticated technology has reached unprecedented extremes, while in parallel a new yearning for purpose and a path to attainment is swiftly gaining ground.

Visual and literary visionary creators have a key role to play at this time. For by our very nature, we instinctively see beyond the apparent veil that separates our “material” reality from the infinite realities in which we move and have our being.

As visionaries, we cannot – and must not – ignore the growing rapprochement between the latest developments in quantum physics and the enlightenment sought by mystics.

The implications of the common ground between these two disciplines allow us to put forward the following Visionary Writers’ credo:

  • EXISTENCE plays out on limitless numbers of parallel TIMELINES.
  • VISIONARY insight empowers us to alter the makeup of our single NOW.
  • In turn, WORLDVIEWS shift and we gain greater control over DESTINY.
  • Our PURPOSE is to SHARE these visions by forging PARALLEL REALITIES.
  • To trigger varying degrees of KNOWING among our AUDIENCES.
  • Thus contributing to RAISING AWARENESS and ushering in the NEW PARADIGM.

All of this means that we, as visionary writers, have a particular responsibility in these transitional times. We are writers with a mission and can make a very real contribution to heightening collective consciousness wherever our works may “happen” to be read or heard.

Shaping our own destiny

Since we all share this huge responsibility, we must also learn how to “jump” the timelines and steer ourselves into the parallel universe where our visions are able to fulfil … Continue reading