Special Offer on Works of Monty Joynes, VF Pioneer Author


Author Monty Joynes

Author Monty Joynes

Just today, Sept 4, 2013, I received the following email from Monty Jones, author of the classic Visionary Fiction Booker series (Naked into the Night, Lost in Las Vegas, Dead Water Rights), and I want to share his generous offer on what may be the final edition of his printed works with members of the VFA:

Hi Vic,
Pat [Monty’s wife] and I have worked for the last month to get my pioneer visionary novels back in circulation after the publisher delisted them after 16 years. Pat was also able to put up the 5th novel in the Booker Series, Psalm Maker, which had not been published. These are now Kindle books, but we are planning to put them up on additional platforms.

I hope that you will help us spread the word that these books are now available. Note the good reviews that these books got on publication.

We purchased 100 sets of the four Booker Series novels that we are offering at a 50% discount. When these trade paperback books are sold, that’s the end of them unless we can attract a new print publisher. I will inscribe each book as directed by the buyer. Sorry, I cannot offer single books.

We have another book coming out this year that qualifies as “visionary non-fiction”. Confessions of a Channeler is the title.

For further info and to order, go to http://writingasaprofession.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/visionary-fiction-the-booker-series-restoration/

Also watch for my forthcoming interview with Monty Joynes here on the VFA site.


About Victor Smith

Victor E. Smith, a lifelong generalist with a diverse resume, sees himself as a scribe of the realm “in-between.” Writing largely visionary and historical fiction, he seeks to observe, absorb, and express those close encounters between the spiritual and material universes that form the unique adventure called human life. Vic is the author of The Anathemas: A Novel of Reincarnation and Restitution (2010) and Channel of the Grail (May 2016). He is a core team member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance. For further information, visit his website, victoresmith.com.
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6 Responses to Special Offer on Works of Monty Joynes, VF Pioneer Author

  1. This is a fabulous offer from a VF icon. thank you!


  2. I purchased Monty's book, Naked into the Night, years ago and enjoyed it tremendously. I would love to see a write up about Monty Joynes and his visionary work on this site. Something to look forward to?


  3. vicsmith0123 says:

    Yes, Margaret, am working on the interview with Monty at the moment. His is quite a story.


  4. Admin - Eleni says:

    @Margart: the synopsis sounded interesting. I may check it out.

    @Vic: looking forward to your interview.


  5. philipparees says:

    Monty was probably my first on line follower and its good to re-encounter him again.


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