Submission Guidelines for Guest Blogs

Submission Guidelines for Guest Blogs

Guest Blog topics:

You can write about virtually anything that in some way relates to Visionary Fiction. For example, we’ve had topics that are philosophical, spiritual, or scientific. You can examine VF from a literary perspective, describe the process and elements of writing VF, or describe how VF elements appear in pop culture.

We do have a page on our website for author announcements, so self-promotion articles will not be published on the VFA blog itself, but, rather, on the author announcements page. If you want to focus on the specifics of your novel and relate it to VF, (for example how your novel came about in concept, or what makes it ‘visionary’, or advice on how to write VF) that is acceptable.


  1. Do not send your article in the body of an email – attach it in Word .docx or .doc only.
  2. Please make sure you check for grammar and typographical errors prior to submitting
  3. Use 12 point, Times New Roman font only.
  4. Word count should be around 800 – 1000. If you article is longer, we can turn it into a two or three part series.
  5. For emphasizing text use italics instead of underline; include at least one subheading in your article using bold text
  6. Please submit your finalized article at least 3 weeks before your publish date.

Submitting your post:

We hope these guidelines help you in writing your blog article. Using the contact form below, please send us a brief description of what you’d like to write about, and upon approval you will be notified and given a date for your article publication. Failure to follow these submission guidelines will forfeit your scheduled publish date. We will make every attempt to help you with your submission.

You may request one of the following people on the VFA Steering Committee to edit your article: Saleena Karim, Jodine Turner, Margaret Duarte, Eleni Papanou, or Vic Smith.  To do so, put “Attention” and the editor’s name at the top of your submission.

Once you have filled in the form, one of our editorial team will contact you with details on submitting your piece.

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