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Sryd of Werth, the third book in the Cosmic Library Series, a popular series of adventurous, romantic and metaphysical novels in the Young Adult Fantasy genre by Mirti Venyon Reiyas, will be available for free download on Amazon Kindle from Saturday 1st September to Monday 3rd September 2012.

When the blue-haired Rhaeadr-ambyth, one of the last remaining hominidial manta ray beings on the planet Werth in the Wavy Domain, cannot find anyone to go to the college dance with her, her long-standing desire to meet someone similar to her intensifies. Little does she know that the fulfilment of her wish to meet a humeray boy, is but the beginning of an exhilarating and empowering mission of self-realisation. Not just a singular mission, but a co-operative effort by her incarnations and higher selves that she never knew existed. Can she fulfil her life’s purpose and become the Sryd of Werth? Can she change the planet’s increasing industrial and consumerist future? With a special touch of romance, prepare for the ultimate swim … As with the other books in the Cosmic Library Series, the Sryd of Werth contains elements of New Age, environmentalist and New Thought philosophy, combined with an adventurous quest into the secrets of the Cosmos.

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