First book of the Osiris Plan trilogy out now – Drew Fisher

VF author Drew Fisher has just published his novel titled Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys, the first of the Osiris Plan trilogy of visionary fiction. Congratulations, Drew!

About the book (from Amazon):

Eighteen boys from all corners of the world have been recruited to the freshman class of a small, mysterious, Swiss boarding school. They know little to nothing about why they were recruited, what the school sees in them, or what the school intends to make of them, and yet, here they are. Faced by an unusual curriculum that provokes and ‘tests’ them at every turn, the boys are being forced to come face to face with their individual strengths and weaknesses while, at the same time, they are continuously being provoked into considering expanded perspectives of both their world views and their potentialities as human beings. The characters and dystopian setting of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys welcomes the reader into the visionary fantasy world of the Osiris Plan trilogy, while the trilogy as a whole is intended to offer both an apology for the possibility of near-term human extinction while also serving to represent of Drew Fisher’s spiritual-based theory as to why this current version of human beings populating our small blue planet may be behaving with such apathy, cruelty, and depravity.

Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys  is available in both paperback and Kindle forms. Get your copy today!

About the author

Drew Fisher was born into a so-called blue blood family—though of the nouveau riche kind—but never felt comfortable with or deserving of the privileges that came with such a start. Educated in the liberal arts, he traveled the Continent and the States, chose classroom teaching (elementary education) as his initial vocation (for 8 years) before realizing that he really wanted to be a dad. Drew has always questioned accepted norms and social patterns, pursued alternative life and values while writing about his favorite topics: love, spirituality, and human potential; education, values, and social reform. After leaving teaching, he worked in a bakery where met the future mother of his two daughters. She convinced him to give massage therapy and bodywork a try as his next career choice. 24 years later, Drew is a Wisconsin-based massage therapist, organic produce farmer, music radio show host, author of a trilogy of visionary fiction, and husband to the most amazing woman on the planet.


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6 Responses to First book of the Osiris Plan trilogy out now – Drew Fisher

  1. Drew Fisher says:

    That’s me! Thank you so much for posting this! I look forward to getting to know you all as things settle down after harvest season (we’re organic produce farmers in Wisconsin) when we start to hunker down for the “winter.” I’m getting amazing, humbling reviews from readers (though only two have posted so far). I’ll keep you posted!

    <3 Drew


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  2. Drew, I found the description of your novel interesting. I’m adding your novel to my reading list – though I confess my list is quite long so it might be a while before I get round to reading it!


  3. Sounds like a great read.


  4. Robin says:

    Very cool premise, Drew. My husband was sent to a “blue blood” academy in Bavaria for his freshman year of high school. It was a harrowing experience, one that he will never forget. Have you read The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay?
    I hope to get to your book when I catch up a little. Wishing you lavish reviews and great success!


  5. Drew Fisher says:

    Hey, Everybody! Book Two is out! “The Heirs of Osiris” is available on
    Look for Book Three by February 2.


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