Build Your Own Author Website – Step 4: Installing WordPress

Installing WordPressNow that you’ve registered your domain name and found a home (Web host) for your website, you only need to follow one more step before you can begin working with, which is:

Installing WordPress on your domain and hosting account.

This is a one-time procedure, so hang in there.

You’ll be amazed at how easy this step is, and therefore how short this post.

Remember, I’m using instructions for Bluehost. If you have a hosting account with Hostgator or GoDaddy, check whether they have the cPanel (control panel) interface. If they do, the following instructions may apply there, too.

Install WordPress on your domain and hosting account

  • Log into your Bluehost account with the user name and password provided in the welcome email that Bluehost sent you.
  • This might be a good time to create a new user name and password, but I’ll leave that up to you.
  • You’ll be sent to the cPanel (or click on the cPanel tab at the top of the page under “hosting”), where you’ll have access to all the resources available to you at Bluehost.
  • Scroll down to “Website” and click on One-Click Installs.
  • On the next page (the Mojo Market place) choose WordPress, then click Install.
  • Next, choose the domain name you want to use with WordPress. If you need to make any edits to your email address, username or password now would be a good time using Advanced Options.
  • Click Install Now.
  • You’ll know that the installation process has completed when you see a login page that looks like the one below.WordPress Login
  • Now, all you have to do is “View your Credentials” for your login URL and password or wait for an email from Bluehost with all the login information you will need to access your brand new site.
  • CLICK HERE to watch a video that reviews the steps above. Don’t get sidetracked by SEO and keyword videos offered for your viewing (good things to know, but can be viewed later).

Walk Me Through

While you’re working in Bluehost, look to your left and you’ll see a Walk Me Through button. Any time you get confused or need a little extra confidence before you take an unfamiliar step, click the button for help. If you still don’t feel at ease, do what I often do, hit HELP at the top of your screen, where you’ll be able to open a live chat or find Bluehost’s toll-free number for a direct call.

Bluehost’s customer service agents rarely keep me waiting for long and always walk me through hurdles politely and with great patience.

Wow! How easy was that?

See you next month when we’ll use the WordPress Dashboard/Administration Panel to enter your new home.



About Margaret Duarte

Although warned by agents and publishers that labeling her work Visionary Fiction was the “kiss of death,” Margaret Duarte refused to concede. “In a world riddled with fear, misunderstanding, and lost hope,” she says, “I believe there are people prepared to transcend the boundaries of their five senses and open to new thoughts and ideas. The audience is ready for fiction that heals, empowers, and bridges differences.” Margaret joined forces with other visionary fiction writers to create the Visionary Fiction Alliance, a website dedicated to bringing visionary fiction into the mainstream and providing visionary fiction writers with a place to call home. In 2015, Margaret published BETWEEN WILL AND SURRENDER, book one of her "Enter the Between" visionary fiction series, followed by book two, BETWEEN DARKNESS AND DAWN, in 2017. Through her novels, which synthesize heart and mind, science and spirituality, Margaret encourages readers to activate their gifts, retire their excuses, and stand in their own authority. Margaret is a former middle school teacher and lives on a California dairy farm with her family and a herd of "happy cows," a constant reminder that the greenest pastures are closest to home.
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