Book Trailers


On this page you’ll find links to book trailers from various Visionary Fiction novels.

Theresa Crater
The Star Family

coverfinalmd-thestarfamily-1A secret spiritual group. A recurring dream. A 400-year-old ritual that must be completed before it is too late.

SW Hammond
God’s: The Final Book

“Multi-cultural, multi-historical, and spanning man’s faith across time, The Final Book: Gods is a controversial and blasphemous last chapter of humanity. Zeus and his Pantheon return in an effort to save mankind before they destroy themselves. Set in three periods—modern day, the 1960s, and ancient Mesopotamia—this epic blends human history, ruthless mythology, science fiction, and the supernatural to tell a love story of the future.”

Paul Hill
The Lane’s End


When an ordinary but unfulfilled middle-aged woman is mysteriously kidnapped by a cosmic being, she learns that humanity’s ability to live-on after death has become endangered. Ancient powers transform her into one who can prevent that disaster by enabling her to do what she was born to do, even if she first has to die in order to do it.

Books by Rea Nolan Martin
The Anesthesia Game


How many ways can three women and a girl anesthetize themselves from a tragic memory buried too many lifetimes ago to count?The link to their recovery is Sydney, the child among them, and the stake they all share in her perilous condition and unlikely cure. As Sydney submits to the weekly treatments for an illness she refuses to grace with a name, she plays The Anasthesia Game, a game that ultimately leads her to the origin of her disease and a way out of the struggle that binds them all.

Mystic Tea

mystictea-coverThis novel follows the lives of a group of very dysfunctional women, all drawn to an old Monastery in up-state NY. There’s something odd about these women, and you’re left to wonder if it has anything to do with the MYSTIC TEA they’re drinking.


Books by Eleni Papanou
Beyond Omega’s Sunrise


Something has gone wrong with the sun. Its energy output has increased leaving half the world destroyed. By the next sunrise, the East Coast of the United Republic, along with the remaining areas of the globe exposed to sunlight will perish. 


Jessie’s Song

jessies-song-ebookMarkos Adams is famous, but not for his flashy guitar chops, leading man good looks or homemade baklava. After his heavily publicized suicide attempt, he tries to get his life back in order. But the morning after his return to the stage, he wakes up to a nightmare.  His daughter, Jessie, was abducted, and the kidnapper contacts him with the terms of the ransom: Markos must identify who he is in twenty-four hours. If he fails, he must commit suicide.


unison-ebook-coverIllness has been eradicated in Unity thanks to a healing implant, and criminals are cured with virtual reality therapy. In this seemingly idyllic community, Damon 1300-333-1M is condemned to relive his life until he uncovers a suppressed memory.

Gordon Keirle-Smith
Genesis Anarctica Series

Genesis Antarctica is a multi-faceted work “based on ancient documents discovered under the Antarctic ice in 1962 by the Australian Vostok Traverse Expedition”. Known as the “Haakon Urn” texts, these unique writings pre-date all other early civilizations (including legendary Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu) by several tens of thousands of years.


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