About the VFA

About the VFA

Launch Day, 17 August 2012

We went live on 17 August 2012

The Visionary Fiction Alliance originally began as a web-ring. Three authors of visionary novels, Jodine Turner, Saleena Karim and Shannan Sinclair met at the  Goodreads Visionary Fiction Group in March 2012 and decided to link up to each other’s blogs as a way of promoting each other and also visionary fiction itself.

Other writers joined the conversation and asked to be part of the ring; and we soon had twelve authors. Around that time we decided we should create a space where we could work together to promote VF.  And so, the Visionary Fiction Alliance was born.


The purpose of the Visionary Fiction Alliance is to:

1. Increase awareness of the genre
2. Help readers to discover, explore, and enjoy Visionary Fiction
3. Mentor new writers who wish to explore this genre 
4. Provide resources for writers of Visionary Fiction
5. Be a place where readers can find Visionary Fiction books and engage in discussion with the authors.

If you are an author and think your novel fits into VF, perhaps you’d like to join us. To join, please fill in the short form at the join us page.


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