A Letter From Dean Koontz

Editor’s Note: This post appears courtesy Margaret  Duarte’s site (slightly edited).

By Margaret Duarte

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

I’ve been blogging for over two years now , and lately I’ve been doing some serious soul-searching about the value of working so hard.

Then today (16 October), I received an email from Dean Koontz concerning the post I wrote about him here at VFA, and it has energized me in a way I haven’t felt energized in a long time.

Dear Margaret,

My editor at Bantam, Tracy Devine, sent to me your lovely post at Visionary Fiction Alliance, and I’m asking her to forward this to you. I was quite touched by your words.

After a long career as a novelist, I’ve learned that what anyone writes about my work, good or bad, will only occasionally, very occasionally, be written with true insight regarding my intentions. For so many years, I have denied being a horror novelist, never thought I was, and struggled to prevent earlier publishers from putting that word on my books.

You got to the heart of what I try to give readers when you mentioned hope and healing, and spoke of seeking to “help readers see the world in a new light and recognize dimensions of reality they commonly ignore.”

If you will provide my editor with a mailing address, I would like to send you two inscribed books that are close to my heart.

Best wishes,

Dean Koontz

Oh my, talk about synchronicity!

Thank you, Dean Koontz, for taking the time to inspire a fellow writer to not give up.  Ever.

I’m back.



About Margaret Duarte

Although warned by agents and publishers that labeling her work Visionary Fiction was the “kiss of death,” Margaret Duarte refused to concede. “In a world riddled with fear, misunderstanding, and lost hope,” she says, “I believe there are people prepared to transcend the boundaries of their five senses and open to new thoughts and ideas. The audience is ready for fiction that heals, empowers, and bridges differences.” Margaret joined forces with other visionary fiction writers to create the Visionary Fiction Alliance, a website dedicated to bringing visionary fiction into the mainstream and providing visionary fiction writers with a place to call home. In 2015, Margaret published BETWEEN WILL AND SURRENDER, book one of her "Enter the Between" visionary fiction series, followed by book two, BETWEEN DARKNESS AND DAWN, in 2017. Through her novels, which synthesize heart and mind, science and spirituality, Margaret encourages readers to activate their gifts, retire their excuses, and stand in their own authority. Margaret is a former middle school teacher and lives on a California dairy farm with her family and a herd of "happy cows," a constant reminder that the greenest pastures are closest to home.
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11 Responses to A Letter From Dean Koontz

  1. Admin - Eleni says:

    Very motivating response. Makes me want to read his books even more!


    • Hi Eleni. When I wrote the article about Dean Koontz for VFA, I wondered what he would think of it. But I never thought he'd actually read it – or get back to me. Goes to show, even famous authors appreciate positive responses to their work. I'm glad he believes I got to the heart of what he's trying to give readers. I've considered him a visionary writer for a long time and have considered writing to him, but never got up the nerve.


  2. What a wonderful response from Dean Koontz. And such perfect timing to re-energize your intentions for writing and reaching out. This is a lovely and inspiring thing that has happened for you and I am thrilled for you, Margaret. It is important for us to be understood, and 'seen', as human beings and as writers. I know I yearn for it and value it when it comes. You have a great ability to do that and I'm glad Dean recognized that in you and acknowledged it.


    • I believe Dean Koontz's response to me says a lot about him as a person. Being a best-selling author, he had little to gain by taking out the time to send me a kind word. Yet he did it anyway. And just when I needed it. I'm on the cusp of publishing my first book, a very vulnerable time for me, with many questions and uncertainties swirling around in my head. HIs timing couldn't have been better.


  3. This is so awesome. Just when we start to question our purpose and our direction the universe will speak. In your case I think the message is loud and clear… saying; "Keep at it my friend. You are on the right track." 🙂


  4. The universe in the person of Dean Koontz. Somehow, that makes sense. Thanks, Susan. There are so many tracks out there – sometimes the tracks choose me.


  5. So cool! Thanks for sharing his words with us, Margaret.


  6. JJ Michael says:

    I'm new to the site and just requested to join. Thanks for sharing Dean Koontz's letter. I thought I was the only one cringing when my books were listed in the horror section. Great site.


    • Welcome, JJ. There's definitely a lot more to Dean Koontz's books than horror. Otherwise I would not be a fan. VFA is the perfect place to help get out the word that you, too, are a visionary fiction writer.


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